Affordable price

Affordable price

Flexible solutions do not strain your start budget to provide stable cashflow at the beginning

show Values

show Values

Show your strengths - commitment to creating the best product and providing customer service

success Strategy

success Strategy

We will help you to create business strategy and realize it to achieve expected success.

Trust foundation

Trust foundation

Trust is currency of future. Start collecting wisely it from very beginning of your company.

increase Revenue

increase Revenue

Achieve even 4 times bigger after focused on your business goals and user experience.

become Visible

become Visible

Your brand will stand out from the competition and internet crowd after cooperating with us

Save your time

Save your time

Our project management and our solutions delivered in your website will save you precious time.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We follow best security practices to provide safe solutions for your business.

Save money

Save money

Invest in a high-quality website, optimized for advertising, search engines and social media.

ad-Friendly website

ad-Friendly website

Collect more detailed data about visitors and spend marketing budget in more effective way.

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Show your great experience, knowledge and 'social-proofs' to amaze your new clients.

Boost traffic

Boost traffic

Generate more website traffic from search and ads at the same attract customers more effectively.

Original design

Original design

Original & suited to your business designs helps to build the uniqueness and value of your brand.

GDPR ready

GDPR ready

We provide websites in accordance with the requirements of GDPR in force in the European Union.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Your future website must looks great and achieves all goals on every device of your customers

Best Solution for

Small business
Small Business
And foundations
Solo Entrepreneurs
And personal brands

  • Help to develop a strategy and action plan on the Internet
  • Affordable price at the beginning of the business
  • Introduction to the world of websites and online marketing
  • Tools to build customer confidence in the new company
  • Showing commitment to the company and the personal brand of the owner or team strength
  • Website ready to business pivots
  • Long-term complex solution


What small business needs?

We know and understand if there is a new business start or running a small business. It is a beautiful and demanding business commitment. Codenest wants to support such companies, which is why it offers services concentrated on the needs and requirements of small businesses operating online and locally.

  • Webdesign and Web development
  • Business analyze
  • Marketing strategy and solutions
  • Copywriting
  • Support

  • Website optimized for the highest conversion rate and acquisition of sales leads
  • Website optimized for advertising campaigns and accurate remarketing
  • Elements and functions of a website aimed at conducting effective content marketing, SEO and SEM
  • Marketing and graphic support in conducting advertising activities in social media
  • Providing special solutions for local businesses to improve customer search and visit

Be found

Let yourself be discovered... Locally or online

One of the biggest challenges at the beginning of a company's operation is for people to learn about our company and its offer. However, at the beginning we have limited funds for advertising. That is why we need to look for growth hacks, as well as optimal and effective solutions in order to gain valuable customers who will help us build a company.

  • Collecting verified and valuable testimonials
  • Collecting success stories and case studies
  • Effective using of 'social proofs' to enhance offer
  • Development of tools and procedures to collect reviews and success stories


Start building your credibility

Another challenge for small or beginner companies is the lack of trust among new customers. That is why from the very beginning you should collect and document all the website successes, awards, positive opinions about your company and effectively and wisely use them in marketing your company.

  • Ensuring detailed and full training in website operation
  • Website easy to edit and develop by yourself
  • A page builder feature is a free build of different content layouts on pages
  • Design easy to change and adopt a new company image and values


Flexible solution for growing busnesses

As small company you have great advantage - flexibility. Using business pivots smart you win bigger and older companies because you will offer products and services much more suited to needs and requirments of your clients. Your website must be your first tool to show your business non-stop searching for the best fit with clients.

  • Present business owner and team
  • Tell more about your experience, mission, philosophy
  • Share your knowledge on the website
  • Show business owner engagement in the business

Personal Branding

Power of business owner and team

Another wonderful feature for the customers of small and medium-sized companies is that it is often the foundation is the person of the business owner, i.e. you. This person is a specialist in his industry and is fully concentrated on the development of the company, i.e. providing the best services and expanding the group of satisfied customers who are treated person2person the way and do not lose confusion in the hierarchy of the company.

  • Indication of the possibilities of further development of the website
  • Proposing solutions related to broadly understood online marketing
  • Showing the potential of email marketing and cold mailing
  • Showing potential and pitfalls when using advertising campaigns. Support in the effective implementation of the campaign.
  • Encouraging SEO and SEM activities
  • Support in implementing social media marketing


Long term plan of growth

Cooperation with Codenest is not only based on creating a website and be an expense at the beginning of your business. It is to be an investment that will not only make you have a professional website, but will allow you to develop your company on other planes thanks to thoughtful creation of a marketing strategy based on which the website will be created, but also to show you further development steps and become a partner in their implementation .

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Learn more about how much beneficial is coworking with Codenest

Codenest was very responsive, professional and quick to come up with solutions.

Radix, Tel Aviv, Israel

Their team is knowledgable and responsive. They are open to feedback and willing to suggest new ideas to improve the site.

Micheal, Forex King, Poland

The new design received positive feedback from customers, generated more leads, and expedited content updates.

Alex, Tiffany Restaurant, Poland

They were responsive and delivered a final product that was better than expected.

Bitcube, Cape Town, South Africa

Codenest's full involvement in the project was visible from first contact to implementation.

Care A Lot, US

Responsiveness and high-quality deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam, Focused Staffing, San Jose, US

Codenest not only responded to all our demands, but they also offered their own solutions and improvements.

They are already the best in the country.

Chris Tamada Tour CEO, Georgia

Codenest did everything possible to make sure I was pleased with the results.

Greg, AGL Car Import, Poland

Their team is full of creative designers.

Paulina, DomTechnik Owner, Warsaw, Poland


How affordable are your prices?

First of all, please contact us to determine the costs and scope of cooperation. For small businesses, we have several solutions designed to lower standard rates. However, in this case, the savings mainly come from limiting the scope of activities to the most important points of the project, or using ready solutions.

Do you do branding?

Yes we can create for logotype and brand book. However, branding must be done as part of at least the developing of the website.

How will I be able to edit the website myself?

Most of the websites we implement are based on the Wordpress content management system. It is one of the most popular and best developed systems. It is easy to use and develop independently. Thanks to our implementation and training you will be able to develop your website without problems.

Do you use custom or ready website themes?

We honestly prefer to work on proprietary motives because they are faster and safer, and it's easier to work with them. However, they require a larger team and more work. In the case of limited budgets, business experiments, startups, it is worth supporting yourself with ready-made solutions that significantly reduce costs and are quite universal, at the expense of design and performance.

Do you also do all website marketing, seo ...?

To be the best at what we do, we focus mainly on website development. In order to save your time and provide a comprehensive service, we cooperate with various partner companies that specialize in related industries with ours. Together they can do more!

Do you help in the selection of hosting and launching the website on it?

Yes, we help in choosing hosting and running a website on it. However, we do not offer hosting services in our scope, we give you full freedom in choosing, due to the costs and location of servers.

What is perfect solution for small business?

Wordpress is a great solution for small business sites. You can find amazing free WordPress small business themes and plugins. Also, you can find in easy way developers with different experiences and knowledge and suited to the needs and budgets of small businesses. The great thing is also that you will be able to manage and edit websites on your own to cut extra costs and have full control on your online business.

Are your services affordable?

First, you need to get in touch with us so we can assess how much work you would like us to do on your website. We have several reasonably priced solutions that you can use in moving your small business forward. Nonetheless, if you are so concerned about your project's cost, then we need to know what your objectives are, and let’s see how we can work something out that will be appropriate for your budget. A proper assessment of your project will also help us determine if a ready-made app or a customized one will be best for you.

Do you offer branding services?

Yes, we do branding and logo designs. But while we offer these services at a reasonably professional level, you must understand that we only do so as part of our web development services. That means we do not offer only branding services.

Do I need any technical knowledge to edit content on my site?

We were able to develop most of our websites with WordPress. Thanks to the WordPress contents management system, we have successfully created several user-friendly websites for a host of clients. All our small business solutions have been carefully coded and implemented, and we make sure clients are put through practical training to teach them how they can use the website without needing any technical expertise. You would not require any special technical knowledge to have content edited on your WordPress site.

Do you prefer ready-made or custom-built themes for developing your sites?

From our experience, customizing a theme to suit your business purpose has always seemed like the best option. All the results we have had with customized themes have been nothing but remarkably fantastic. However, it is worthy to point out that getting this done would require more work and more money. But if you are just experimenting a few things or getting off as a startup, you can always work with default themes, since they are equally capable of giving your WordPress site the credibility it deserves.

Are you into SEO and website marketing?

Becoming a Jack of all trades has never been our style and working culture. In all our years, we have tried to limit our services web design and website development. That has not only helped us in delivering top-quality solutions, but it has also aided us in keeping up with the best industry trends. In order to help you get the best out of your website in terms of marketing, there are SEO and marketing experts that we partner with. With all our hands on deck, you can be sure of getting the best in this regard.

Do you offer hosting services?

No, we don't offer any type of hosting services in our company. What we do is that we can advise you on how you can go about the process, and where you can get high-quality hosting services at a competitive cost. But if you already have an alternative in your mind regarding where to do your hosting, we are entirely fine with that.

What is an ideal solution for any small business?

WordPress has always been a reliable tool for creating smart, small business solutions. With WordPress, you can have access to several plugins and themes. Creating an efficient solution for your small business must not be done with renowned experts alone. You can have user-friendly websites built by upcoming developers, and that would work well with your business. And the most beautiful part about WordPress developmentis that you can manage just about everything on your site without any expert help. From editing your content to getting them published, you can do all of that. This will help you save some money.

Does a small business website also imply a low-quality site?

A WordPress solution for a small business is not an indication that we will build you something inefficient. The term small business solutionis just appropriate for websites that are fitting for startups. It also means you get to work with less functionalities, because the more things you want to accomplish with your site, the more expensive it will be. Apart from that, the site is bound to work effectively as any other high-profile site. You can use your small business website to achieve most of your business requirements.

Any social media marketing features on a small business website?

Social media platforms are now the most visited places on the internet today, grossing more than 2 billion people around the globe. Formerly used for sharing all sorts of information with loved ones, social media platforms have now become a marketing gold mine for most companies. We advise our clients to enjoy this growing opportunity; hence, we do include several features that will help you maximize social media platforms to sell your content.

Do you guarantee a great UX even for small business solutions?

It doesn't matter if you're building a WordPress website for a big, medium, or small company. As long as we are in charge of building a WordPress site for you, a fantastic user experience will always be at the back of our minds. Making sure we work with best practices and maintain industry standards are some of the tricks that have helped us to serve our clients with stunning, high-quality websites. So even if you are only paying us a little for a small business solution, you can be sure of a robust website that end-users are not going to complain about as they use it.

Is responsiveness part of a small business website package?

Absolutely. As with all experienced web developers, we understand that our clients will not impact the market as expected if their solutions are not responsive. This is a crucial factor in web development, and should be considered when building any business solution, be it for big or small companies. Our business solutions can be accessed from any device and across all Operating Systems. That is what your market needs to progress.

Which tools do you prefer for your graphic designs?

In a competitive business environment such as what we have today, a high-quality design on your web page will surely help you stand out from the crowd. Software like Adobe packages has been beneficial to us in unleashing our creativity to the highest points. It is good to note that we equally employ the best graphic design technologies when working on small business solutions . In addition to the tool mentioned above, our web design experts also use Sketch, Figma, and GIMP to ensure that you have a superb graphics design on your WordPress web page.

Can I get a free sample from you guys?

We understand if you are quite skeptical about giving us the chance to work on your WordPress site. As such, you may prefer to get a free sample of our work to assess our quality. The thing is, we do not offer free samples to clients before working for them. We are already confident of surpassing your expectations and giving you a solution that can compete with any of the best websites out there. Read through our profiles and check the testimonials on our site, as that will give you a rough estimate of our capabilities. In contrast, we can help you with a paid sample if that is how we can convince you of our abilities.

What media formats do your WordPress site support?

The discussion of having a WordPress website that can support a wide range of media formats is always a welcome subject to business owners who are aspiring to maximize their profits. The more media formats your websites can handle, the better it is for you. Unfortunately, it is not all web developers that have the skillset to deliver in such projects. Thankfully, we have excelled dramatically in this field. It has now become nothing to us. Our website development skills and experience will enable us to build a site that can support all media formats. Give us a picture of what you need, and we've got you covered.

Can my customers make payments on my website?

For anyone who wants to improve their customers' experience on their website, a payment solution will always remain a necessity. Due to our many years in the web design industry, we have come to know that clients can lose their customers whenever they experience payment difficulties. Even if you require a small business solution with a handful of functionalities, we can include a payment solution to the package anytime you want us to. That way, people can easily make payments with PayPal, Skrill, and other payment solutions with great ease.

How much UX do you guarantee?

End-users need to be happy with your WordPress website; otherwise, they will never return to do business with you. That satisfaction is what user experience is all about. We promise our clients that our products will ensure the highest user experience. Our web design and UX experts are waiting to give your project the touch it deserves. We are prepared to take your customers to a new heaven of satisfaction.

Are your designers very good with colors on a website?

Colors can be amazing on any website if they are properly used. This is a sensitive part of web design, and it has taken us years upon years to master. The different spectrum of colors can be used to achieve a wide range of possibilities. First, you need to know your target audience very well and think of a color that will inspire them. Second, colors can be so powerful that they can prompt a customer to make that final commitment. Having handled several WordPress development projects, including those for small business solutions, we understand the power of using the right colors on a WordPress site.

How can images on my website not be a barrier to its performance?

Images are an excellent option for any website because they help convey the owner's message in a simple tone. It is always easier for people to know whatever you are selling when you stock your site with images. However, you need to have certain things in mind as a professional regarding this. First, put images only where it is necessary. Filling up the entire website with images is a resounding No for any small business solution. You are only going to end up creating a clutter when you do that. Second, compress your images before throwing them into your web page. These are some ways you can prevent images from slowing down your application when it is rendering on any device.

Do you offer web redesign services?

Yes. You may want to restructure your WordPress website for many reasons. You could do that because you want to scale your business into a bigger enterprise. Whatever the reason is, it is expected that you work with experienced web design experts. That is because things can quickly go wrong if you are working with someone who doesn't know their onions. You could also get stuck half-way into the redesign process, because your designer does not know what next to do. But for us, our web redesign services speak volumes. We have redesigned various websites in the past, including those that were built by us and those that were developed by others. It will eventually be a big plus that we can help you expand your dreams! So if you are a small business looking to redesign the looks of your WordPress website, you can reach out to us.

What do I need to survive as a small company?

The idea of starting off a small company is courageous and challenging because you will be squaring up against the top brands in that niche. You are going to need more than your guts to succeed in your business. First, a working business strategy has to be in place to help you outsmart your competitors. It’s best you work with a plan that would benefit your business in the long run. We have noticed that some people find it difficult to come up with a master plan for their business, leading them to struggle in the market later. Thankfully, we will be glad to give you the necessary assistance in that area. Our knowledge of branding will advertise you before your customers in the brightest light. We will guide you regarding how you can combine your business ideas with a convincing website to advertise your goods or services to potential customers and old customers alike.

What are the advantages of web redesigns?

There are so many things you stand to gain when you redesign your website to fit with modern standards. Customers' demands are evolving every day, and as someone running a small business solution, you have to be up and doing to keep up with the market pace. A website redesign is much more than having an inspiring UI. It also helps to boost the credibility level of your website before your target audience. That way, they know that you are listening to them and that you are ready to adapt your product to their requirements. So it doesn't matter whether you're running a small company, it is imperative that you adopt website redesigning as your marketing culture. You need to give your website the facelift it deserves from time to time, as doing that will reserve a safe spot for you within the competition.

What do you promise your clients regarding security?

Security is a significant subject when people are discussing web topics. We hear of hacks and data breaches every day, even at the highest levels. Our WordPress development team is well-aware of this trend and are doing everything to ensure that unauthorized users don't have access to clients’ websites. Due to our knowledge and experience in security tools, we can always assure our clients of the best protection against data theft. The best way to put these security issues in check is by staying on top of the newest trends within the security industry, and that is exactly what we have done.

Am I entitled to a database driven site?

A website can be static or dynamic. Fortunately, for WordPress sites, the rule is also the same. So if you want a WordPress site that can store data in a database, we can build that for you. A small business solution can be flexible enough to store data in a MySQL database. That’s to say that even the smallest websites can be linked to a database if that is what the business owner wants.


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