high quality-Driven

high quality-Driven

We will satisfy your and your superiors' requirements as to the quality of design and development

safe & Confidential

safe & Confidential

The priority is to ensure the the security of your confidential business information.

support 24/7

support 24/7

Corporations operates around the world 24/7, so we provide support everywhere and always.

Affordable price

Affordable price

Flexible solutions do not strain your start budget to provide stable cashflow at the beginning

success Strategy

success Strategy

We will help you to create business strategy and realize it to achieve expected success.

increase Revenue

increase Revenue

Achieve even 4 times bigger after focused on your business goals and user experience.

be Client-friendly

be Client-friendly

Create wonderful 'client's journey' to create strong bond between your brand and clients.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We follow best security practices to provide safe solutions for your business.

gain Free traffic

gain Free traffic

Get steady and free traffic thanks to optimization for search engines and content marketing.

ad-Friendly website

ad-Friendly website

Collect more detailed data about visitors and spend marketing budget in more effective way.

Global ready

Global ready

Become an international brand, scale and earn even more thanks to our international experience.

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Show your great experience, knowledge and 'social-proofs' to amaze your new clients.

Lead generation

Lead generation

Collect leads into effective, scalable and predictable way and turn them into real business

Boost traffic

Boost traffic

Generate more website traffic from search and ads at the same attract customers more effectively.

Original design

Original design

Original & suited to your business designs helps to build the uniqueness and value of your brand.



Make the most of the global internet and build relationships with clients from around the world.

Perfect solution for

Agencies, & specialists
All online
Products & services

  • Website created based on deep business, market, competitors and customer group analyze.
  • UX design created to achieve your goals by your group of potential customers
  • UI perfectly fit to your brand, idea behind it and customer expectation
  • Front-end which works perfectly on all users and their devices
  • Advance back-end to scale, automate your processes and provide better customer service


Solution focused on selling and lead generation

Like you, we perceive the creation of a new website for your online business as an investment. We make every effort to ensure that your company brings significantly better profits, which in the future will be easy to scale and further optimization.

  • High-class design, refined in every detail, reflecting the professionalism of your company
  • A reliable website builds trust and a sense of high quality, professionalism of your company.
  • The site has additional features and relevant content allowing customers to see your expertise and experience
  • We help create a place to publish content where you can share your knowledge.
  • We provide place to share success studies and reviews

Brand foundation

Credibility is the key to clients ...

Our specialty, which we are constantly developing and improving, is helping to build trust in your brand, products and services. Thanks to this, you acquire dedicated customers, build valuable traffic and strengthen your market position.

  • Advanced Analytics to get better data about users and their behavior
  • Special features and architecture created to improve remarketing and audience insights
  • Website that meets all the best SEO, SEM practices
  • Website optimized for various Social Media platforms
  • Support with content marketing and email marketing, cold mailing
  • Assistance in creating marketing strategy


Ad-friendly and optimized to online marketing

We know how difficult and expensive it is to first bring users to an online business and then turn them into dedicated customers. This is a real challenge in an extremely competitive digital world. To support your strategy, stubbornness, and courage to do business, we offer you solutions that help you spend time and money more efficiently.

  • If you have a recognizable and trusted personal brand, build the credibility of your online business on it
  • Share your expert knowledge on the website and social media profiles. Our solutions help you get great results from "Thank you economy"
  • Introduce your clients to the people who form the company with you. Give the company human nature. Let yourself be liked.
  • Show off your team spirit, approach to business and achievements with the help of special sections of the website and social media.

You & your team

We are real people online - personal brand and team spirit

In the virtual world, we often lose the sense of communing with live people. This is often a deterrent to customers, which is why it is worth building your online business based on a personal brand or a team and its spirit. By showing the human, real face of your online business you will build trust and sympathy among your users.

  • We advise and suggest effective ways of online marketing for your company
  • We help find the best tools and service providers to implement a business development plan
  • We help in growth hacking and having a mindset
  • We are discovering new ways to reach new customer groups

Business development

We will develop a long-term strategy for your online business

Creating a new website for your online business is the beginning of a wonderful path to success. To achieve the goal, a road map and strategy should be outlined. We support our clients in developing a plan for further development and also further development works.

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Learn more about how much beneficial is coworking with Codenest

Codenest was very responsive, professional and quick to come up with solutions.

Radix, Tel Aviv, Israel

Their team is knowledgable and responsive. They are open to feedback and willing to suggest new ideas to improve the site.

Micheal, Forex King, Poland

The new design received positive feedback from customers, generated more leads, and expedited content updates.

Alex, Tiffany Restaurant, Poland

They were responsive and delivered a final product that was better than expected.

Bitcube, Cape Town, South Africa

Codenest's full involvement in the project was visible from first contact to implementation.

Care A Lot, US

Responsiveness and high-quality deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam, Focused Staffing, San Jose, US

Codenest not only responded to all our demands, but they also offered their own solutions and improvements.

They are already the best in the country.

Chris Tamada Tour CEO, Georgia

Codenest did everything possible to make sure I was pleased with the results.

Greg, AGL Car Import, Poland

Their team is full of creative designers.

Paulina, DomTechnik Owner, Warsaw, Poland


What type of websites can I use for my online business?

That depends on what your online business is all about, and how you intend to have it run. We have recorded a huge amount of success in building different websites. From high-profile websites that are just meant for educational purposes to efficient e-commerce sites for selling products, we have been known to deliver top-quality to our clients. Whether it is a local or online business, you need the right platform to target your audience and keep them happy. Our web professionals will be more than happy to take on this task for you.

Can I have a small website for my online business?

A WordPress website mustn't be complicated or full of so many features before it can be used for an online business. Waiting for you to have a full features website before you start a business online would be grossly misleading. What you need is something that can showcase whatever it is that you are selling to your audience. If you want them to make payments on the platform, you will need a payment solution incorporated on the website. Those are the basic features you need on a website to begin an online business.

Is shared hosting unreliable since it is cheap?

We get this a lot. Some persons believe that shared hosting is not good for you because it is affordable. That notion is wrong and goes to show that such an individual may not have an adequate knowledge about the servers that are used for hosting websites. WordPress shared hosting is as good as any other hosting you may want to think of. It guarantees your audience the experience that they desire through a scintillating performance. Shared hosting may be cheap, but it sure sounds like a promising option for any online business.

I have a website, but it does not render properly on mobile devices, can you help me?

Responsiveness is not just the watchword, but also the order of the day in website and application development. The implication is simple – if your website is not responsive enough to display on all mobile devices, you would be losing out significantly in the battle for market shares. You know what that means. So we can re-purpose your website to make it fit for mobile devices, as that is the only way to make you sell your online business and have access to many more customers.

What’s your regular charge for creating an online website?

What we charge for developing WordPress websites for local or online firms actually varies. It is not fixed. How much we charge you for our work is a measure of how much work you want us to do for you. A website owner that wants a couple of basic features on their site will not be paying the same as someone who is after a lot of features that will make their site look very advanced. So what you weigh on our price scale is just a matter of what your online business would require from us.

Do you have any strategy that will boost one’s success chances in online business?

We may be good at our job, but that does not mean that we let our clients do all the hard work all by themselves. We have got several tested and proven strategies that will help your business bloom as you want. First, your business needs to be duly promoted by the search engines. Our SEO analysts will be glad to help you on that, so your online business can be seen anytime anybody is looking to buy your products or services. Take advantage of our services today in moving your business to new heights.

Can someone hack into my website?

If you run an online business, your WordPress site needs to be secured so that hackers do not gain unauthorized access to customers' data. The best way to beat security lapses is by ensuring your site is updated to resist such incursions at all times. We have been excellent at writing foolproof websites for our clients over the years. Although we may not be able to promise 100% safety against hackers (no one can), our quick response attitude is enough to fix anything should there be a data breach in the future. That means you can always trust us with the best security plugins and features on your WordPress site.

Can you make my website livelier?

In the online business world, you need to be creative enough to get the attention of your audience. A fun way to get this done is by infusing some animating elements into your website. We will do more than that for you and still ensure a satisfying user experience by your customers. Let us help you to a livelier website, thanks to our vast experience and expertise.

Will a free template work for my online business?

Like we always say, the kind of template that will fit your business will depend on what your business requirements are. However, we have used a lot of free templates for most of our clients who insisted that that was they wanted. It will amaze you that the finished product was as good as any high ranking website out there. Getting a free WordPress template to look like your business actually depends on how good the developer is. Our professionals rank among the best WordPress developers and designers. Even with a free WordPress template we still guarantee you a stunning website.

How would you rate your support services?

Right from our company's inception, we have always believed that our customers' failure or non-performance is also our failure. We can't claim to be successful when our customers are doing poorly in their business. Our customers must not be left to wander in the dark alone. As professionals who have been in this field of WordPress development, it is always our pleasure to assist our clients with the support that they need in due time. You can count on our responsive and responsible support team to help your online business build a good relationship with your customers.

Must I pay for website development without paying for hosting?

Fortunately, we do not have anything to do with web hosting services. We are strictly into web development, web design, while we also offer other related services such as helping you with business planning and etcetera. If you do not have money to host your site yet, but you are eager to get the development underway, we will be glad to help. As for the best hosting services, we have a number of recommendations that you can work with.

I hope to get my updated at frequent intervals, how much do you charge per session?

WordPress has become one of the leading names in the online business world because of its user-friendliness. You might not need to pay us anything when you want to update anything on your business site. After building your website, we will only show you how to go about the process, and you can take it from there. It is actually simple. You do not need to be technically inclined or know how to write codes to be able to accomplish this.

Does a WordPress site look any different from a regular site?

WordPress powers about 30% of all the websites that are operated worldwide. You may have heard so much about how other technologies are used to create websites for online company. A WordPress site is among the most efficient websites you can ever think of. They are preferable because you can adapt them to your business needs with great ease. That being said, you need to entrust such jobs to professionals. That way, you can be pretty sure of getting something of very high-quality.

I may want to add some new features to my online business website, do you permit that?

Redesigning an existing website due to growth in business is always an option on the cards. We can help you include some more features onto your online company website if that is what you want. Unlike some other agencies that aren’t competent in this regard or those who charge exorbitantly, we do this for an affordable rate. You can even get more discount if we are the ones that developed the initial website. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like some changes on your website.

Do you have any package for an online business startup?

Our packages are quite accommodating for anybody who would want a website. It doesn't matter if you run an existing online firm that is hoping to go big or you are just a startup, we've got you covered. As long as you have the zeal to have a website for the sake of running your business, our professionals will be looking forward to giving you all the assistance you will need.

My customers have been complaining lately, how do I better performance?

You can never trade performance for anything. That is because if your site performance is poor, customers will not want to stick around to find out what you have in store for them. If you try to open a slow-loading website on your mobile device, you can easily relate with customers' frustration to this end. There are lots of reasons that can contribute to the poor performance of a website. One of them is the amount image resources on the website. This challenge can be handled by compressing the images to smaller sizes before using them for your local or online company. The beautiful part is that the compressed pictures do not in any way look worse in terms of quality. Your choice of hosting company can also be a suspect. That is why you have to make your choice wisely before settling for any of them. Otherwise, you may have yourself to blame eventually.

How do you carry out your backup?

It should be obvious to anyone that anything can happen at any time, considering what is going on in the world right now. We are very particular about helping our clients stay and get back online for as long as necessary. You are going to find our regular backup services quite useful if you are running an online firm. An efficient backup services does not only promise you uninterrupted operations, but it equally guarantees a simplified migration should there be need for you to do so.

How reliable is your WordPress site?

If you have chosen to run your online business website with WordPress, then you have no problem but to relax. WordPress is based on PHP. We use all the latest technologies for front-end and back-end development. And as standard as the website will be, you can load content on it all by yourself. So if you need a site you can trust for your online business purpose, you can trust us to help you achieve that.

I could use a deep knowledge of colors for my site, can you manage that?

You can hardly satisfy your audience when you do not deploy the right colors on your website. This has been a crucial challenge for many online business platforms. Our expert web designers are well experienced in this regard. We know how to manipulate colors to give you what you want. You can leverage our deep knowledge for colors in giving your audience the emotional experience they seek. The long and short of it all is that we are very good with colors, and with several WordPress themes available, your site will surely look like a trusted platform where people can do business with you.


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