Affordable price

Affordable price

Flexible solutions do not strain your start budget to provide stable cashflow at the beginning

show Values

show Values

Show your strengths - commitment to creating the best product and providing customer service

success Strategy

success Strategy

We will help you to create business strategy and realize it to achieve expected success.

Trust foundation

Trust foundation

Trust is currency of future. Start collecting wisely it from very beginning of your company.

increase Revenue

increase Revenue

Achieve even 4 times bigger after focused on your business goals and user experience.

become Visible

become Visible

Your brand will stand out from the competition and internet crowd after cooperating with us

be Client-friendly

be Client-friendly

Create wonderful 'client's journey' to create strong bond between your brand and clients.

Save your time

Save your time

Our project management and our solutions delivered in your website will save you precious time.

Automate processes

Automate processes

Create custom systems, applications and integration with external services to provide automation.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We follow best security practices to provide safe solutions for your business.

Save money

Save money

Invest in a high-quality website, optimized for advertising, search engines and social media.

gain Free traffic

gain Free traffic

Get steady and free traffic thanks to optimization for search engines and content marketing.

ad-Friendly website

ad-Friendly website

Collect more detailed data about visitors and spend marketing budget in more effective way.

Global ready

Global ready

Become an international brand, scale and earn even more thanks to our international experience.

develop Business

develop Business

Use our knowledge base, courses and services to develop your online business in amazing way.

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Show your great experience, knowledge and 'social-proofs' to amaze your new clients.

Boost traffic

Boost traffic

Generate more website traffic from search and ads at the same attract customers more effectively.



Let's create a new version of a website using and improving a good solution of the old website.



Make the most of the global internet and build relationships with clients from around the world.

Solution dedicated for

With profitable business model
During business
And Rebranding

  • Redesign based on ux research of your current website, business model, strategy and business plans
  • Website will support your profitable business model and I will help scale it.
  • Automating procedures to save time and money
  • Support for marketing activities: seo, sem, ad campaigns, content marketing, social media marketing, cold mailing and email marketing
  • Long-term support in the further development of the website
  • Graphic design and copywrting services

Next step

Solutions that help in dynamic growth

Congratulations on creating a company that is growing and developing successfully. If you experience the fact that your website no longer matches the current image of the company, and you want to continue to ambitiously develop your business, consider creating a new website that will support development, increase profits and improve the branding and credibility of your business.

  • Redesign based on ux research of your website and customers
  • Focused on your business goals and requirements
  • In accordance with the business plan, marketing strategy and brand image guidelines
  • Including SEO and SEM practices
  • Redesign according to the schedule of marketing activities


Optimization instead of revolution

Being a medium-sized company, you certainly already have a website that has been on the internet for a long time and has certainly helped your business grow in its heyday. If you see falling statistics on your site, you might want to consider redesigning a page that used elements and solutions that you have already worked out and work with.

  • Show the human face of your company. Present people who are behind your company's success.
  • Tell about yourself and share your knowledge
  • Create engaging content together and share useful knowledge and experience with users
  • Engage in relationships with clients and build relationships with them, support them


Reliable people are the foundation of every business

Build your company's credibility not only based on your company's achievements. Also show specialists from your team who stand behind all successes. Build the image of your company also based on your personal brand - the image of a reliable professional with vision and interests.

  • Collect and present valuable i verified clients reviews
  • Show your business partners and key clients
  • Publish and share case and success studies
  • Share knowledge to show professionalism
  • Be available to your customers
  • Provide support service for your clients


Build success on credibility

Earning trust with potential customers is a key element in sales. The more expensive the services and products you sell from the customer's point of view, the more you must trust to exchange your money for the values you promise. Let's use existing credibility and continue to build it to help your company helps people.

  • A multilingual website adapted to various business cultures and operating quickly for users from around the world.
  • A website that builds trust and provides support to clients from around the world
  • A website showing your company's network and locations locally and globally
  • Help the user find the closest location of your company representation and how to get in touch as quickly as possible


Scalable solution to support expansion

The premise of most businesses is to grow. Your company is definitely getting bigger and richer, ready to expand into new local or global markets. To help you in this we will create a website for you that will support you on the local market. or global according to your business plan.

  • Live training online or in the office
  • Video instructions, tutorials
  • Written documentation and manuals
  • E-mail or videochat support
  • Technical support with 24/7 option

website maintenance

Training for your employees and outsourcing

I want you to find a comprehensive service in our company that saves you time in searching for business partners for each task and coordinating their activities. If your company has people designated to run a website, we will train and support in implementing a new website. However, if you do not have employees who would have time to deal with your website, our team can support you and run your website.

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Learn more about how much beneficial is coworking with Codenest

Codenest was very responsive, professional and quick to come up with solutions.

Radix, Tel Aviv, Israel

Their team is knowledgable and responsive. They are open to feedback and willing to suggest new ideas to improve the site.

Micheal, Forex King, Poland

The new design received positive feedback from customers, generated more leads, and expedited content updates.

Alex, Tiffany Restaurant, Poland

They were responsive and delivered a final product that was better than expected.

Bitcube, Cape Town, South Africa

Codenest's full involvement in the project was visible from first contact to implementation.

Care A Lot, US

Responsiveness and high-quality deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam, Focused Staffing, San Jose, US

Codenest not only responded to all our demands, but they also offered their own solutions and improvements.

They are already the best in the country.

Chris Tamada Tour CEO, Georgia

Codenest did everything possible to make sure I was pleased with the results.

Greg, AGL Car Import, Poland

Their team is full of creative designers.

Paulina, DomTechnik Owner, Warsaw, Poland


What is the cost of creating a website?

It depends ... To determine the cost of creating your website, you would have to specify your requirements, scope of work and terms of cooperation. Based on some simple information, we are able to provide you with a price range for your website design. Feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to create a website?

We are able to provide very dynamic cooperation on many levels so as to obtain a high quality website in 2.3 weeks from the start of the project. However, you should also take into account the capabilities of the client and here usually there is not enough time, so you should expect that your new website will be launched within 1 or 2 months.

Will you migrate content, pages in a seo friendly way?

Yes, we will agree on which content, pages, we move to the new website. Later we will set up the necessary redirects so that search engines can orientate themselves in the new architecture of the website.

Czy wykonujecie rebranding?

Yes and no, it depends on your requirements and expectations. Our company does not specialize in branding, but we have experience in this matter and we can help in this process and also help find the right partner for this task.

Do I need an exclusive website for my medium company?

Maybe yes, and perhaps no! Yes, if your site is not already of a high standard and suitable for a medium company. That is often the case for people who need to scale-out from their small business structure. However, if you already have a properly structured website that suits a medium company's activities, you wouldn't need any new website. The appropriate thing will be for you to make the necessary adjustments so your new site will wear the looks of a medium company site.

I need more payment gateways on my WordPress site, is that achievable?

Small scale businesses tend to limit the number of payment gateways their customers can access for obvious reasons. They do so most times because they must have had a limited budget when the website was being developed. Medium companies are more significant than small companies, given the size of their market and customers. If that be the case, then you need to capture as many payment gateways on your website as possible. As part of our package for medium business solutions , you can choose any payment solution you would love to have on your website, and we will get it done for you.

How can you guarantee a near-perfect web solution for a medium company?

With the market size and customer base of medium-sized companies, everything about your website has to be almost perfect. We understand the requirements of such a solution; as such, we desist from doing anything that will undermine its significance. First, we ensure the UI and UX are at the highest level so that customers can have a pleasant experience whenever they visit such a website. This indirectly implies that we only allow the best hands in our web design and web development team to undertake such projects.

I need a site redesign, how long is it going to take?

It's possible you already have a site, but your customers are demanding so many things that would make it difficult for you to make a slight adjustment. Hence, you are now looking forward to a total overhaul, so you like to know the duration of doing a redesign. As much as we sympathize with your position, we can’t give you a direct timeline on such projects. Why? The reason is because we need to be acquainted with the needs of the new website you want to build for your medium company. However, if it is anything to cheer you up, we like to keep all our projects as short as possible, since we do not want to keep other customers waiting for too long.

What’s your offer in terms of high-quality themes?

For most medium business solutions, the majority of business owners prefer premium themes to captivate and enthrall the end-users. WordPress is such an excellent platform for creating web solutions because it offers both free and paid themes for making your website appear stunning. It doesn't matter how highly rated you want your themes to be; we can always assure you of something that will look exceptionally good on your website. The list of free and paid themes in WordPress is almost endless, leaving web design experts with the luxury of limitless creativity.

Do I need to pay you for any ongoing support?

That really depends on how much work we are going to be doing for you. But basically, for simple routine jobs, we love to give our clients a helping hand without charging them anything. That’s our way of proving to you that we actually want your business to grow. We have been giving support to many businesses for some years now, and we hope to give you the best of our services in this regard.

Can I outsource a web solution to you?

Absolutely! The world of WordPress development can sometimes be challenging, especially when you don't have all the support that you need. It is not like you cannot learn everything and handle a project all by yourself. But the jack of all trades syndrome is completely bad for web development . It will ruin your work quality and cause you to lag behind project deadlines. Of course, you know how customers will react when you disappoint them. So if you are handling a big project and you need to deliver within a deadline that doesn't favor you, you can outsource the work to us. Our web development team comprises various front-end and back-end experts. As long as it is a WordPress website, just give it to us, and we will do the rest.

How long does it take before you respond to a request for support?

Giving our customers prompt and efficient support has always been one of our formulas for getting them satisfied. We have got a dedicated team on standby to take your complaints 24 hours a day. We are just as serious about our support services as we are about our web development. A good support service is one way to ensure our customers do not suffer any unnecessary downtime. Our company has created a smart working structure that allows customer service officials and technical professionals to combine their efforts in rendering efficient service to every customer. As for the timing of our response, we only need a couple of hours to get back to you.

Are your hosting services reliable enough?

A lot of people still seem to get these things mixed up. Web design and web development are not the same as web hosting. They are completely different. We do not offer hosting web services of any kind. However, we'll be glad to recommend a trustworthy and efficient web hosting service that you can always rely on to provide your customers the service they deserve.

Do you do SEO strategy for your customers?

This is why we have moved ahead of our competitors. Some agencies will only help you with your WordPress development . That's because they do not have any experience with content standards and how the Google search engine algorithms work. But we know how to help you with the best web design and web development services, as well as make your content SEO friendly. Without an effective SEO strategy, customers will hardly see your site, let alone patronize whatever you are selling. So you need to know the right keywords that will be seen and appreciated by search engines. Therefore, if you want a one-stop-shop where all your needs will be met regarding website creation and content management, you can trust us to help you out.

How about data backup services?

Anyone who is running a medium business solution should be prepared for the worst and expect the best. That way, they will not be caught unprepared when disaster strikes. It is good to be optimistic, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, in case. Data backup services are essential if you want to keep excelling in your business. We can help you ensure that everything about your site is backed up after specific intervals. From your database to all the plugins on your WordPress site, everything will be backed up, so you don’t need to panic should there be a sudden system failure of some kind.

Is it possible to find hosting service providers that ensures 0% downtimes?

Irrespective of how generous you are, nobody wants to experience any downtime in their business. It is even worse when such obstructions are caused by the hosting companies, leaving the client hopeless and frustrated. That's the reason you should be very careful of who you are settling for. Do not use cost as your only variable for knowing if you would patronize a company or not. A hosting company may be cheap but still offer low-quality services. If you trade quality for cost just because you want to save a few bucks, you would definitely regret your decision at the end of the day. Going through customer reviews will help you in discovering the true face of any hosting company. Make sure they are worth your money before you subscribe with them. But if it happens that their prices are low and they are capable of almost 0% downtime, go ahead and give them a try. We can always help you with a few recommendations in this regard if you are lacking any.


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