increase Revenue

increase Revenue

Achieve even 4 times bigger after focused on your business goals and user experience.

be Client-friendly

be Client-friendly

Create wonderful 'client's journey' to create strong bond between your brand and clients.

ad-Friendly website

ad-Friendly website

Collect more detailed data about visitors and spend marketing budget in more effective way.

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Show your great experience, knowledge and 'social-proofs' to amaze your new clients.

Lead generation

Lead generation

Collect leads into effective, scalable and predictable way and turn them into real business

Original design

Original design

Original & suited to your business designs helps to build the uniqueness and value of your brand.

Unique graphics

Unique graphics

Stand out with unique and original graphics on a website on the Internet full of stock content

Webdesign in solid numbers

over 30
Projects in 3 years
over 300
Designs done by us
7 years
Average designers experience
Designers at Codenest


  • $1 invested in UX can gives about $100 return
  • Even 4x growth rate after successful redesign
  • 94% users have better first impression about companies with professional websites
  • High-quality design improves branding

Project background

Design suited to your business and customers

Website design has 3 main tasks: building trust in the company, ensuring usability and providing planned information. We strive to meet these tasks while meeting your requirements and expectations. To do this, you need an in-depth analysis of your business before the web development process begins.

UX Design

Plan amazing journey for your clients

We prepare UX designs in the form of wireframes and prototypes based on the developed guidelines, goals and person of client groups to test all design concepts. The purpose of this work is to create the architecture of the entire website, as well as build individual subpages so as to develop a wonderful trip of visitors to your clients.

Our approach

Success driven business-friendly design

We specialize in creating websites for businesses that will convey their intended value propositions to clients in a more engaging manner. We help drive customer acquisition and sales to the highest levels by adding extra value to your business.

UI Design

From a great first impression to a long-term relationship with your clients

We know that you invest a lot of your time and marketing budget to attract your clients and keep them close to your company. Therefore, investing in a high-class graphic design and creating a professional website will make your efforts more effective and expenses optimized.


Be unique!

Are you wondering how to make your website stand out from the competition? Our designers can create unique, unique and stunning illustrations, icons that will match the character and value proposition of your company.

About us

Experienced team meeting the needs of customers

We are a collective of experienced and creative professionals - designers, developers, cartoonists and animators.Thanks to our many years of experience, constantly acquired knowledge, we are able to help you develop your project, company or startup. Thanks to our flexibility and ingenuity, we will solve almost all of your problems.


Over 30 projects completed successfully

At work and in life you have to learn a lesson and become better and better. Thanks to all this, your project will be even better than the one we are working on right now. However, please do not hesitate long to contact us!


"They are already the best in the country."

That's what Chris from TamadyTour told us about in his review.Thanks to our commitment and understanding of clients, we build very strong and sold bonds with our clients. In addition, we rely on constant contact and good information about the state of the project. What is also important for us is the form and language of communication, we want you to be an active participant in the whole process and get satisfaction from it.

Codenest was very responsive, professional and quick to come up with solutions.

Radix, Tel Aviv, Israel

Their team is knowledgable and responsive. They are open to feedback and willing to suggest new ideas to improve the site.

Micheal, Forex King, Poland

The new design received positive feedback from customers, generated more leads, and expedited content updates.

Alex, Tiffany Restaurant, Poland

They were responsive and delivered a final product that was better than expected.

Bitcube, Cape Town, South Africa

Codenest's full involvement in the project was visible from first contact to implementation.

Care A Lot, US

Responsiveness and high-quality deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam, Focused Staffing, San Jose, US

Codenest not only responded to all our demands, but they also offered their own solutions and improvements.

They are already the best in the country.

Chris Tamada Tour CEO, Georgia

Codenest did everything possible to make sure I was pleased with the results.

Greg, AGL Car Import, Poland

Their team is full of creative designers.

Paulina, DomTechnik Owner, Warsaw, Poland


What is UX design?

One of the stages of creating a webdesign is UX design. During this process, wireframes and sketches of individual subpages are created, and working prototypes are created. These activities are aimed at testing various concepts of website construction to get the best solutions at the beginning of the process, i.e. implements the tasks of the website – product purchase, contact,

What is UI design?

UI design is user interface design. The wireframes created in the UX process are the basis on which the interface is designed. This is what we deal with every day as users and proves how the site looks and what the visual quality is.

What graphics programs do you work on?

Many years of experience and implementation of various types of projects have resulted in extensive experience also in the field of software. We use the Adobe package – Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, but also Sketch, Figma, GIMP. We also have experience in Invision and Zeppelin.

Do you design website in the …… style?

We can design a website in almost any style thanks to many years of experience of our designers. They have created webdesigns for companies from many industries operating on different styles. The most important thing is for the website's design to be tailored to the company, product and values presented on the website and also to match the taste of potential customers. As you can see in our portfolio, we mainly operate on minimalist and clean styles, but also on a modernist style based on curves and illustrations.

Do you do branding and logotypes?

We focus mainly on web design and creating websites and applications. We encourage you to cooperate with us already with the branding and marketing strategy developed by specialized agencies. However, our experience in online marketing, business development as well as the experience of our designers allows us to prepare branding as part of a larger webdesign project conducted by us.

Do you do free samples?

Due to the high quality of service provided to our clients, we do not carry out any free samples of graphic designs of websites, logos or code samples. However, if our portfolio and reviews do not allow you to make sure that we have given your project, we can prepare a paid sample of your design. Such a project is not binding, and in the case of cooperation, we will deduct its cost from the cost of the entire project.

Do you also code website graphic designs?

Yes, we mainly focus on the comprehensive website creation service from graphic design through coding to launching and maintaining the website during its operation. You can find out more about our complex Website Creation service in the Services > Web Development tab

What’s a Grid System?

The grid system has to do with vertical and horizontal lines that are meant for arranging web content in a web page. With a grid system, web designers can easily present content anyhow they want. Although using a grid system is fundamentally crucial and helpful to experienced web designers, it is not always the best for people who are new to web design. Newbies are advised to stick with a pre-existing framework for structuring their content.

How Can A Website with Images Be Optimized?

You do not want to imagine how a website will look without pictures. It will look unappealing, and your target audience will find it hard to connect with your message. The best way to captivate your audience's attention is by ensuring your website is rich in texts and images. But you can't just throw any pictures you see onto a website. That will cause the site to drag when it is rendering on the user's device. Hence, the best way to get rid of this problem is by compressing the images before you insert them on the website.

How do you handle a change in designs mid-way through a project?

We try as much as possible to prevent this from happening at the start of any project. Changing the scope of work mid-way in any project can be tiring, but it does happen, for apparent reasons. We have been able to surmount such challenges in the past because we keep comprehensive documentation of every stage of the design process. That makes it less stressful for us to adopt the new changes that our clients may be requesting.

What's the use of whitespace concerning web content?

Whitespace refers to when you leave a part of your design to be blank. The blank area can be of any color, and not necessarily white as the name implies. In web designs, whitespaces are essential for grouping or separating of web contents. They can be used to draw a reader's attention to a particular section. It is also an exciting way to come up with aesthetically appealing compositions. This technique is quite useful within logo designs for generating interests and leading the reader to look at other specific contents.

What are the best web design tools for creating a website?

There are a lot of tools you can use in designing a website. Wordpress seems to be the most widely acknowledged web design tool, for now, powering close to 30% of all the sites that are being hosted on servers globally. With over one thousand built-in plugins and themes as part of the Wordpress package, tailoring a website to your taste and requirement can be quite easy. That is the reason why many web designers prefer it as their most liked tool. For the customization, optimization, and enhancements of website to be done correctly, you will have to take advantage of Wordpress' plugins.

What should I look out for when choosing any web design tool?

There are several design tools to help you do your work. But you must know what makes each one of them to be thick. That is the only way you can maximize their unique features. As a general rule of thumb, ensure you are going for a user-friendly web design tool with simple and rapid-prototyping features. Those are some of the features that have enabled these tools to remain relevant in the web design world.

Would you advise me to use patterns as backgrounds?

Patterns may have existed long before now, but they have been redefined to look way better than they used to. These refreshing design methods are giving people a lot to talk about. Now, you do not only have patterns that cover an entire background, but they exist in various categories that can fill only a particular section of your screen. They look incredible and amazing when they are used the right way. So if you have an already made pattern that can fit with what you want, go ahead and use it.

How can you achieve classy designs with few elements on your web page?

Cluttering a web page with unnecessary details has never been the best. When you leave too many items on a web page, you end up creating a distraction rather than captivating the attention of the audience. Minimalistic designs are making the headlines again with their stunning effect. Maxi typography has been one of the ways designers are passing their messages across to their audience. This technique has been able to help them create superior web designs without having to complicate their audience perception of the message they are conveying across.

Is it possible to have 3D effects that are interactive?

The world is fast evolving, and web designs are becoming more real than they were some decades ago. If you need your site to be one of the interesting places users want to find themselves, then you will need to incorporate 3D effects into it. 3D designs can either be static, interactive, or animated. You have to start from the easiest one which is static 3D designs. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that motion effect and 3D elements are turning out as an effective way to get the audience impressed. If you want to join the bandwagon, then you need to know how it’s used.

Which one is best between Mobile First and Desktop First designs?

Both of these web design styles are great. Whether you are going for Mobile first or you would settle for desktop first design, it all boils down to what you are trying to achieve, and the type of audience you are trying to approach. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Mobile first designs are executed with mobile devices in mind, while desktop first designs is the other way round.


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