How to manage website projects between timezones – Best practices for Australia and Europe

Space, distance, and time are gradually streaking due to the advent of globalization. Countries with different cultural, political, and religious orientations are now working together as a community. Both big and small companies from Australia are either seeking to maintain their dominance in the market space or trying to establish themselves as a top brand in it by drawing resources from the pool of talent scattered all over the globe.

Why Australians do remote website projects?

And with a high rate of unemployment in most underdeveloped, developing countries and even some developed countries, individuals with specific skill sets and specialties are looking for greener pastures outside the shores of their locality or country without leaving their homes, family or loved ones.

Some have come to realize that the best job for them might not be in their local towns, districts, or even countries, and they might even be more productive and satisfied when you are not tied down to the routine job in a corner inside office space.

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Due to high demands from customers and the need to remain relevant in the local or global market, coupled with the pool of talents and professionals across the globe who are seeking to be employed without leaving their hometown, companies and business owners are now recruiting people from different works of life and time zones without the asking them to leave their houses or location. This is what we now call REMOTE WORKING. If you are interested in outsourcing, learn  why is it worth it and how you should do it? 

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What is the effect of a difference in Time Zone on remote working?

As wonderful as this new way of working is, it is faced with a major challenge or obstacle called TIME ZONE. Since most countries in the world operate in different time zones due to their geographical or political position on the globe and it is not just among different countries but also there are different time zones within the same country.

If you want to don’t mess up with your next website project outsourced offshore, check this tips from that article 

how to check time in different time zones

how to check time in different time zones

What are the PROS of difference in time zone between Australia and Europe?

What are the CONS of remote projects between Australia and Europe?

These and some more advantages are what we can derive from recruiting talents from different time zones than Australian. But in life whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, same with having a team remotely working across different time zones.

And some of the disadvantages of different time zones are mentioned below.

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These and maybe more are the limitations experienced when you have employees or clients across different time zones. Although there are tremendous advantages when we have clients or workers in different time zones because of the uniqueness their diversities bring into the company, if not properly managed and channeled, that’s the same diversity that may lead to the pitfall of the company from Australia.

Therefore it is important to give the clients or employees a common working space to relate, interact, and share information, a proper tool or platform that can help bridge the gap that is between time zones. And one of the best platforms that can create such an atmosphere is A WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT.

comparison travel distance from australia to oursourcing company in europe

The different Time Zones and Working statistics of Remote Worker in Australia

Australians are people with very high working ethics.

A full-time employee in Australia is expected to work from 9 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday and at least 38 hours a week which is Australia’s National Employment Standard.

However, research has found out that only 34% of all Australian employees actually work in the ‘standard hours’ of between 35 and 40 hours per week, while 18%-19% work between 41 and 50 hours or more per week, and 37% workaround 41hours weekly.

34% of all employees actually work in the ‘standard hours’

And even though the working hours begin at 9 AM, most Australian resumes earlier than that and still close late, and because there is so much work every single day, time management and punctuality are highly prioritize in Australia.

Remote website projects outsourced from Australia to Central Europe – Poland case

Australia and Poland common working hours in different timezones

Australia and Poland common working hours in different timezones

The above trend and statistics show that companies or individuals in Australia are looking for more avenues to become more flexible with their time in order to get more work done and at the same time put in more working hours.

And with time the difference between Sydney and Poland about 8 hours, you can work remotely together for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 11 hours, and apart from this you can extend your working hours in that while you are sleeping, your partner can continue the work.

Poles and Australians can work together even 11 hours per day.

This means you and your partner in Poland can remotely work together for about 2-3hours early morning Australia in and 7-8hours in the afternoon and evening combined.

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Working with someone in Poland doesn’t just offer you flexibility; it also gives you additional time to get the work done, also because Poland is located in central Europe it is easy for people in that region to adapt to working cultures and time differences across the globe.

How Best to work remotely on Website Projects in Australia?

In other to create a safe space for effective communication and the dispersing of information from companies to either clients or employees across different time zones in a region, website development has always been an important tool and platform. Therefore there is a need to develop a way to easily develop websites without going through the stress of writing of code.

Here you can learn how to check the company from European Union and establish a safe remote project between Australia and Poland.

How you can use WordPress in your next remote project?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), a software that is used to build and maintain a website without having any prior knowledge of coding. This software enables you to customize just about every aspect of your site.

One feature that makes WordPress unique is that it is open-source software. What this means is that the platform isn’t restricted under copyright and is freely available for anyone to download and modify.

WordPress Advantages in Australian website remote projets

With WordPress you can add and edit content, optimize the site for searches and cross-post it among other networks, also WordPress sites are clean and accessible to a search engine like Google to crawl and index. This can lead to more visibility and higher ranking for the company, also WordPress powers a lot of business websites around the world.

It’s the most vastly used content management system on the web and its free and open-source platform comes with the support of a widespread WordPress user community and all the tools for building a site that can grow business.

The time difference between Europe and Australia is no more a problem. Your future website can be developed in Poland

With differences in time zones, it seems as though people living in other regions are in the future or in our past. But we can bridge to one of the major factors that affect business transactions across different regions is the factor of the time zone. And with the intervention of websites developer and the easy to use features in WordPress, there is now a common language and a common time zone.