How to manage remote website projects across timezones – Canada Case

The rising and setting of the sun, which is due to the earth orbiting around the sun while it rotates in its own axis, is what makes for a difference in time zones across different regions and countries on the planet. And with the difference in time zones comes cultural, geographical, and even political difference, so much so that even within the same country, there will be differences in the way and manner of living.

People from different time zones may live life at a different pace. For instance, someone in St. John, Canada, will be at work already while someone in Victoria same Canada, is just waking up from sleep, and this alone can affect the similarities in the way of life between the two people.

Working remotely across differet time zones in Canada

Working remotely with people, teams, or company from different part of the world is fast becoming a norm, and this is due to high demands from customers and the need to remain relevant in the local or global market, coupled with the pool of talents and professionals across the globe who are seeking to be employed without leaving their hometown.

Now when you are working on a remote team scattered across the world, it becomes more complicated to remember what time it is for your colleague, employee, or clients in other regions across the globe.

The effect of working remotely across difference in times zones in Canada 

Coming from a business point-of-view, it’s difficult to argue against working across different time zones. As much as there are obstacles, there are also numerous benefits that clearly surpass its disadvantages. When comparing the advantages of working in different time zones, we realize that there are just minor inconveniences. This is why more individuals or companies now prefer to work with remote teams across the globe.

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The benefits of difference in time zones on remote Canadian-Polish teams 

There are several benefits of working remotely, and one of them is that companies can now expand their pool of talent. This means that hiring globally can get you the best professionals and skilled labor in the world and not just in your city, time zone, or even country.

A second advantage of having teams working remotely across the globe is that there is more diversity of thought, resulting in more innovation and revenue.

Another huge advantage of a team working remotely across different time zones is that you can actually run operations around the clock. If you have teams working remotely in all the time zones, this means that someone in the world will always be working and serving customers without the need for late-night shifts. And lastly, there can also be an effective division of labor by breaking projects up in a way that everyone has their own specific task to focus on

The limitation of difference in time zone on remote website project from Canada 

Everything is not advantageous when it comes to working remotely across different time zones. With a big gap between different time zones, remote teams will definitely experience some challenges. One of them is that there may be delays in responses and also difficulty in scheduling meetings.

Another disadvantage is that remote employees can also experience isolation because there is no physical interaction or social activities like team hangouts and retreats. Also, another disadvantage of having a remote team in different time zones is increased sovereignty.

When a team can’t rely on simultaneous communication, it increases the need to get work done without help. Getting used to more freedom and nonsimultaneous communication can be a challenge for remote teams because it deviates from the proper way of working.

These and maybe others like cultural, political, and geographical conditions are the limitations experienced when you have employees or clients across different time zones. Although there are tremendous advantages when we have clients or workers in different time zones because of the uniqueness their diversities brings into the company.

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Still, if not properly managed and channeled, that’s the same diversity that may lead to the company’s pitfall.

The working culture and working statistic in Canada

The standard working hours for an employee are 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week from Mondays to Fridays. 

Any hour put in more than the standard working hour per week is considered overtime hours, and overtime amount attracts a minimum of 1.5 times the normal hourly pay.

But some professionals, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, and engineers, are exempt from overtime. most workers in Canada resumes  10-15 minute earlier than the normal office hour and still close late, and because there is so much work every single day, time management and punctuality especially in submitting projects is highly prioritize in Canada.

Statistics have shown that companies or individuals in Canada are looking for more avenues to become more flexible with their time to get more work done

Statistics have shown that companies or individuals in Canada are looking for more avenues to become more flexible with their time to get more work done and, at the same time, put in more working hours.

British Colombia and Warsaw in Poland about 9 hours, you can work remotely together for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 11 hours.

And with time the difference between British Colombia and Warsaw in Poland about 9 hours, you can work remotely together for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 11 hours, and apart from this you can extend your working hours in that while you are sleeping, your partner can continue the work.

This means you and your partner in Poland can remotely work together for about 3-4hours early morning in Canada and 8-9hours in the afternoon and evening combined. Working with someone in Poland doesn’t just offer you flexibility; it also gives you additional time to get the work done.

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Also, because Poland is located in central Europe, it is easy for people in that region to adapt to working cultures and time differences worldwide.

How best to work remotely in Canada

Create a safe space for effective communication and the dispersing of information from companies to either clients or employees across different time zones in a region, website development has always been an important tool and platform. Therefore there is a need to develop a way to easily develop websites without going through the stress of writing code.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), a software used to build and maintain a website without having any prior knowledge of coding. This software enables you to customize just about every aspect of your site. One feature that makes wordPress unique is that it is open-source software. This means that the platform isn’t restricted under copyright and is freely available for anyone to download and modify.

With WordPress, you can add and edit content, optimize the site for searches, and cross-post it among other networks. Also, WordPress sites are clean and accessible to search engines like Google to crawl and index. This can lead to more visibility and higher ranking for the company; also,

WordPress powers many business websites around the world. It’s the most vastly used content management system on the web, and its free and open-source platform comes with the support of a widespread WordPress user community and all the tools for building a site that can grow business.

Don’t be afraid to outsource your project  

To succeed at any project that has been given to teams working remotely from different time zones depends mostly on understanding time zone differences. But with the intervention of websites developer and the easy-to-use features in WordPress, there is now a common language and a common time zone.