The Most Common Mistakes Logo Designers Should Avoid

Every designer knows the importance of a logo design to any small, medium, or large business. It is the graphical representation of a business identity viewed by clients and potential customers alike. If the logo is poorly designed, it will not matter how amazing your client’s services or great their products are, and they are still going to have a hard time attracting customers.

 Yes, we know it’s not easy to design logos, and you will face some challenges while creating a professional logo design for your client. However, logo design mistakes should not stop you from giving all your all and design a unique logo that will please your client. For that reason, I will share some common mistakes in logo design you should avoid ensuring you create the best logo.


Every logo designer knows it is unacceptable to copy someone else’s work and pass it as their own. Sadly, it is becoming too familiar these days among logo designers. As a professional designer, you should understand the importance of an original and unique logo design and design it for your client.

When you understand the true purpose of a logo and how it represents the business brand, you would not be tempted to copy or steal any other persons’ work. Remember, if you are caught doing that, you would definitely face legal charges that lead to heavy penalties.

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Poor Choice of Color Selection


Poor choice of color selection is one of the most common logo mistakes designers must avoid. Of course, logos will color are said to be more captivating and memorable in the long run but not every color works for a brand.

Before you add any color to the logo, it is advisable to first design it as black & white and grayscale.  It is important to know that a good logo can look great in black& white and color. So, do not be in a hurry to add colors without thinking about how color psychology works.

Being Carried Away By the Latest Trends

From time to time, the design industry is introduced to different design trends that amaze logo designers. When this happens, many logo designers make the mistake of designing logos based on those latest trends.

Although it is not wrong to check the latest trends, it is vital to remember that movements disappear in time, but an original design will last forever. Therefore, always create a unique, captivating long-lasting design.

Designing Logos that are not Adaptable to all Mediums



It is so disappointing to finish up a logo only to discover it is not adaptable to various media formats. Mostly this happens after the client wants to use the logo either on their official uniforms or print it on a specific product.  If that occurs, the client will be forced to redesign the logo again, costing them more money.

To avoid this logo design mistake, you should go back to the idea of first creating the logo in black & white and at its simplest form to ensure it is adaptable to various media formats.

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Final Thoughts

Its genuine mistakes are inevitable. Nonetheless, by reading the above points, I believe you are in a better position to know what mistakes to avoid in logo designs for you to design original and unique logos. Good Luck!