The 9 Main Factors to Double Check before Launching a Website

Nothing excites a business person more than to see a project successfully come to completion. A website creation is no exception and when you get the call it is done all you want do is to show it to the world.

However, before taking that step, the website team will require you to take some time to test it. This is because the want you to be sure there is no glitches involves when it goes live.

Here are the nine main factors to double-check before launching it

1.All Pages And Content

After being given access to view your website, the first thing you should do is scrutinize everything. This will enable you to detect any mistakes or missing information.

The essential things to check are usually:

Remember, although it is the job of the web development team to check all that. They are still human and may forget some information. So while you keep that in mind, know there is the possibility of you missing out on something too. To avoid that for the second time request some of your family members to go through the content too.

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2. Browser and Device Responsiveness

Have a thorough check on how the web design is responding. To do that, try opening your website on all web browsers and different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

When you do this,s you will know which pages are compatible with the browsers and which ones are not. Furthermore, check all the images and if they are clear on all the devices.

3. Functionality

Make sure you check all the features are functioning correctly across the website. This should include the email list signups, lead generating forms, comments, and the social sharing.

Test every feature several times and see if they are working the same every time you visit the website. If not, know there is a possibility they may break down in the future if the problem is not rectified.

4. Internal and External Links

It is common for web developers to use dummy links when creating a website. Therefore, to ensure they have not forgotten to delete them, it is advisable to check all connections.

Although it will take you some time since it is done manually, it is worth the time and effort. This is because you don’t want to notice them when your website goes live.

5. SEO Plugins

Just as you thoroughly checked the website content, also remember to check the SEO description and grammar. With the pages, make sure the page titles are catchy and unique.

 Besides, check if they have proper keywords and tags are added to the pictures. Other things to remember are the metadata and if they are appropriately placed and URLs.

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6. Duplication Issues

Although this is uncommon, it is still good to check if there any duplicates on the website.  This mostly happen when you have not defined which version to be used; the performances are www or non-www.

Moreover, there could be other duplicated content across the website. Therefore, make sure you go through the site with a keen eye.

7. Legal Policies

Mostly overlooked by website owners, it is vital to check the links to your legal policies. These usually include terms of services and privacy. Ensure the copyrights, company information, and use of cookies are included in your website’s regular pages.

8. The website Speed

A large percentage of online surfers are known to be in a hurry. To make sure they stay long enough to browse your website, ensure the website loads fast.

Note that many tools can help you check the site’s speed such as Pingdom. Therefore, you have no excuse not to match.

9. Security Measures and Backups

Finally, before launching the site, make sure the proper security measures are in place. Besides, ensure the regular backup is done. This is vital since it will save you time, money, and unpleasant headaches if anything happens after you go live.

In Conclusion

Checking the above factors before the website is launched will help a lot. This is because you will avoid disappointing your visitors even before they start a journey with you.

So, before you tick that checklist and give your outsourced web developers the go-ahead, ensure you double-check everything.