12 Questions To Ask Every WordPress Developer For Your Website Development

WordPress is the most popular CMS in use among small to mid-sized businesses, from website designing, search engine optimization and daily maintenance, adopting a functional WordPress will play an integral role in your business achieving its marketing goals.

However, building a functional WordPress website is a little complex and requires hiring a WordPress developer. Although the market is filled with a ton of professional developers, it is vital to choose an experienced and dedicated developer who will ensure the project goes smoothly and finally create the perfect website for you.

Nonetheless, before partnering with any developer, it is essential to ask about their experience, references, portfolio, terms, quotes among other questions. Therefore, with no further ado, here are some standard questions to ask before hiring a WordPress developer?

  1. Are You a Freelancer WordPress Developer or an Agency? If you are an agency, briefly describe who will engage in my project?

A WordPress development agency consists of a team of individuals who specialize in different skills. From web designers, graphic designers, content writers among others. This team of specialized developers will ensure your project run smoothly with no hitches.

  1. Kindly Describe Your Project Plan and Payment Method?

 Before deciding if you will be working with a freelancer or a team of developers, the next step is to find out about their project plan, how long it will take and if it aligns with your ideas.  If it does, it is essential to find out their payment methods and does it suit your budget?

  1. What is The Ideal Communication Channel for You?

Every website developer has a specific way of communicating with their clients such as email, live chat, and phone calls among others. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand which communication channels they usually use and if you are comfortable with it. Furthermore, it is essential to know how long they will take to answer any queries you may have during the project period.

  1. When Developing a WordPress Website Do You Create a New Theme or Use an Existing One?

Most WordPress developers are willing to create a new theme for your project from scratch or use an existing one. In addition, if you prefer to have a custom- made theme from the existing one, they are ready to assist you with that one too.

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Nonetheless, you should note that the cost of the project will vary depending on your theme choice.  Therefore, to get more insight on the right theme to choose, here are some questions to ask a WordPress developer concerning an existing Theme

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Moreover, if you decide to go with the custom-made theme below are some questions to ask

  1. What Do You Need From Me Before You Launch The WordPress Website?

 Every developer expects you to have at least some basic questions for him before proceeding any further.  However, it is also necessary to be ready to share some basic ideas with him on what you expect the website to be and also provide some details to enable the project to run smoothly.  The basic requirements may include

  1. Will You Manage My Website Content After the Launch?

 Many website owners overlook this essential question when interviewing a WordPress developer as most assume it is included in the initial plan payment. Therefore, to avoid being caught off guard when it turns out you need to pay extra charges for this service, always clarify with your developer before they start the job.

  1. How Will You Handle the Migration and Launching Process?

 Mainly this is one question existing website owners forget to ask their developers. To avoid your website losing its SEO value accumulated over time, it is vital for a proper migration to be put into place. Therefore here are some basic questions to ask the developer.

  1. Will There Be Any Extra Charges Beyond The Agreed Payment?

After finding the right WordPress developer, many webs owners usually do not get a clear picture of which services are included in their payment. Therefore, to avoid any confusion below are some interview questions to ask the WordPress developer when you have a one on one sitting?

  1. What Security Measures Do You Have In Place For any Arising Website Security Issue?

It is crucial to know the measures your developer has in place to keep your website secure from crashing or being hacked. In addition, it is essential to know how quickly they will respond in case there is any security breach.

  1. What Methods Do You Implement When Creating an SEO- Friendly Website?

 There are many ways of making a website SEO- friendly, that’s why it is important to know how knowledgeable your developer is about SEO different tools and techniques and which strategies they will use to ensure your website is always SEO- friendly to your users.

  1. How Will You Make My Website To Be Mobile Friendly?

Website mobile usage has been on the rise since the introduction of smartphones, that’s why it is vital to make sure your developer ensures your website is responsive to all mobile devices. Moreover, you can also inquire if they also create custom –made mobile users website or mobile application and if so, is it covered in the initial payment agreement?

  1. Do You Offer Any Website Administration After The Website Launch?

 A website needs constant monitoring and maintenance such as content update, code testing, checking for bugs or errors, plugins updating among other things.

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It’s likely some things may be easy for you to handle while others become challenging to deal with. Therefore, as you have a sit down with your developer make sure you ask some questions to get a clear insight on how you will maintain the website.  The questions should be

How to hire WordPress contractor?

To successfully hire an effective wordpress developer or agency specializing in websites based on this CMS system, you should consider a few things:

How to interview WordPress developer?

It is worth dividing the process of recruitment and interviews with potential contractors into several stages The created funnel to hire the right developer or agency will help you choose the best candidates in an organized way.

  1. First contact standards
  2. CV and portfolio, offer reviewing
  3. Simple questionaire about wordpress development, approach to work
  4. Live or online interviews with developers
  5. Simple test task to do
  6.  Next round of interviews

Where to find a wordpress developer to interview and hire?

You’re ready to recruit and hire a wordpress developer or agency, but the question arises where to look for a wordpress contractor:

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Right now you are ready to interview WordPress Developers

If you want to be able to make your WordPress website development work effectively and be a success, it is important to take your time in finding the right developer for the task.  Therefore, before starting any interview ensure you have compiled a list of the above questions and many more to enable you to hire the best developer.