How to outsource your website development project? [10 Steps]

Are you planning to outsource a website or web application? Do you need help from a remote software house? The following article will show you why outsourcing is a good idea, where to look for the developers, and how to choose the right ones and not waste time and money along the way.

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How to outsource a website development project [10 steps]?

To outsource a website development project in a safe and efficient way take the following steps:

  1. Do your research. Find locations where companies meet price/quality requirements and communication is possible despite time zone differences.
  2. In chosen locations find potential contractors. Post job offer among local groups with foreign contractors.
  3. Check communication skills of the chosen company – responsiveness, flexibility, language skills.
  4. Write an easy-to-understand and highly detailed design specification and requirements list.
  5. Get an accurate quote and confirmation of understanding the requirements from the contractor.
  6. Set a work schedule with deadlines and consequences for exceeding them.
  7. Make an appointment for regular video meetings to discuss the state of the project.
  8. Don’t pay high down payments. Set multiple milestone payments to establish both sides’ safety.
  9. Have copies of a created and paid project.
  10. Check the progress and quality of the code regularly and frequently.

Why outsource a website development project? [12 reasons]

Reasons why outsourcing the website development project worth it:

  1. Money savings, Foreign developers can even a few times cheaper than local.
  2. Get the same quality or higher quality than in local company.
  3. Receive almost the same customer service despite differences in time zones,
  4. Support and development can be done outside your working hours or even during the night.
  5. 100% remote. 
  6. The development process can go even 24/7 with teams across timezones.
  7. No legal obligations like with local contractors and employees
  8. Access to the best developers around the world
  9. Flexibility with hiring
  10. Less paperwork.
  11. Simpler taxation
  12. Flexible team scaling
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Developers’ average hourly rates comparison in different regions and countries [Statistics for 2021].

Average Hourly Rate ($)Location
47.15North America
54.98New York
68.10Western Europe
32.12Eastern Europe
33.69Czech Republic
45.90South America
40Costa Rica
42.30 South Africa

Lower project costs

Wide knowledge and rich experience are just the beginning. Foreign companies deciding to outsource software development to Poland can significantly reduce project costs. Outsourcing to house software is a convenient solution that saves time and money associated with several individual employees’ recruitment and employment. It allows you to use saved funds to increase product quality or scope, resulting in better user satisfaction.

Outsourcing is in demand.

Outsourcing IT services does not limit only to increase on-site resources but also subcontracting development to a remote team. For those facing the challenge of creating a modern and functional website or web application, this is often the best way to complete the project.

Using the services of Polish software houses might be the best solution for you. Here’s why!

The best developers at hand

Polish programmers are among the most qualified and skilled professionals in software development. According to Hacker Rank’s report, they occupy an honorable third place in the global ranking. Solid education, insight into the latest technologies,and a highly professional approach make Polish software houses unknown locally and abroad.

More effective implementation / Better outcome

Outsourcing of programming services to the Polish software house may have one more important advantage. Cooperation with a foreign company gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience of specialists who approach the tasks very ambitiously — in an individual way, with full commitment and choosing solutions “tailor-made”. Such flexibility can be directly translated into a high-quality end product.

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Where to look for the right company?

You have decided to entrust the project to a foreign company. The question remains — where to look for the right one? Here, Clutch. co comes to your help. It is the perfect place for you to find the best software engineers. At the same time, it allows software houses to present previous work and achievements. Clutch. co is much more than just their business card or a way to build a positive image on the market. The internationally known platform allows rating developers and exchange opinions on them. Verified references are guarantee credibility and skills confirmation for companies interested in cooperation. It’s hard to find a better way to select the perfect company.

How to check common working hours across timezones?

In cooperation across timezones, especially if the time difference is bigger than few hours, you need to consider few things:

how to check time in different time zones

how to check the time in different time zones


Here you can find more information about managing projects across timezones from your location.

How to check if the company is ok? is the first and crucial step in the search for a suitable software company. Before choosing one, it’s worth getting to know it better. What aspects should you closely look at?


Before you make a final call, it might be a good idea to check the company’s website, get familiar with their process and number of featured case studies. The portfolio is usually a good reflection of the company’s experience and project skills. If you struggle to find this information, it might mean that the company or their clients were not fond of completed projects or there weren’t too many of them. In those cases, just keep looking.\

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We have already mentioned opinions that are worth looking for on Clutch. co. In addition to those, check out the company’s reviews —on its website, discussion forums, and social media. Check if previous customers were satisfied with the process’s efficiency and quality of final results. By doing this, you’ll get a better picture of what you can expect.


Communication with the client, especially in the initial phase of contact, can tell you a lot about potential cooperation. If you need to wait for a few days to get basic answers to your questions, or if the answers are elusive and unclear, you can expect the same in the future. Professional communication has a positive impact on the entire project’s execution.

What else matters?

Programmers’ skills — ask for a code sample and pass it on to a person who will help you assess its quality.

Project management methodology — find out in which model software house works (Scrum, Kanban, PRINCE 2 or other) and whether the work’s style will be tailored to your project’s needs.

Customer service approach — ask about the preferred method of communication, which may be e-mails, videoconferences (i.e., Hangout), text messengers (i.e., Slack, Hipchat), or project management tools (i.e., JIRA, Pivotal Tracker).

Cultural and language differences— outsourcing services abroad may result in difficulties that might influence the project. Amongst the most common are communication issues and time zone differences. Fortunately, employees from Poland are well educated in English, and the European time zone might be a good fit in most cases as there is some overlap with US and Asian time zones.

Transparency of cooperation conditions— verify that the cost and time needed to complete the project is detailed and precisely determines the scope of work.

To sum up…

To sum up, if you want to outsource website or web application development to a foreign company:

· evaluate the initial service -communication, time resources, and the proposed conditions and interest in the project’s development.

The better you prepare before the cooperation with a software house, the greater chances of successful project are.