How to work in different timezones – Check the best option for remote projects

Outsourcing and collaboration has become a norm in the world of executing projects. As such, professionals from different locations, countries, states, etc. can work on a single project and achieve fantastic results. However, there is one factor that seem to have plagued the smooth execution of any project when people have to do work from across extreme locations in the world, and that factor is TIME ZONES. This is a challenge that can affect the productivity of any project.

Challenges of working in different time zones

When professionals from different parts of the world with time zone issues work on a project, a couple of things may not turn out well. Mentioned below are some of them: 

These are some of the inevitable challenges that clients experience when they are working with companies way outside their time zones. The only solution to this challenge is seeking the cooperation of a company that sits conveniently with you in the same time zone as your locality. That is, locating a country that is never far from you in terms of time difference.

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Fortunately, one of such places is in POLAND. Generally, you can enjoy this time zone advantage when you work with companies in Central Europe. They have a fairly comfortable time difference when compared with most locations in the world. Here you can learn how to eligibility of foreign company.

Check how to work in different timezones

We find that service is for us very useful to check in proper way time in our clients timezone. It’s very important to schedule right time in both timezone for skypecall, because you can miss it. Another thing you should remember is to specify timezone if you are writing about time.

how to check time in different time zones

how to check time in different time zones

Poland is the best option for working with teams in different time zones

Under this section, you will be learning about a few regions, their work culture and their working hours , that example help you for how to adjust to a different time zone:


Poles are well-known for executing projects with foreigners with a good track record of success. That is possible because they seem to be in a time zone that is similar in working hours to that of other nations. To emphasize this ease in working with teams in different time zones are some of locations that are close to us regarding working hours such as eastern and western parts of U.S., South Africa, the Middle east, Israel, Korea and Japan

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How to overcome time zone differences

We are a company that is headquartered in Poland, and we have made a name for ourselves when it comes to working successfully with foreign clients. Outlined below are the various steps we take to ensure that our clients are happy and that projects are executed within the shortest possible time, that help to overcome time zone differences.

Don’t afraid create global projects and work in different timezones

The success of any project that has been trusted to foreign hands relies mainly on some very key factors. One of such factors is understanding time zone differences. You cannot take it away from the success equation of foreign projects. We are a polish company that has strict rules of engagement on how to execute foreign projects and deliver satisfactory services to our clients. If you are interested in outsourcing your project, please check our next article.