How to collaborate with Creative Agencies or Software Houses? — 5 Tips&Tricks

Based on my several years of experience as webdeveloper, as well as the person commissioning such works, I will give you some valuable advice on how to carry out your project in an efficient and effective manner.
Before you start looking for a contractor …

It is worth to do a few homework carefully and prepare the foundations for the future work and cooperation with the contractor — freelancer, software house or creative agency.. To do this properly, consider the following tips

1. Think about your idea, set goals and know your clients and their needs

You need to be like a movie director who knows from cover to cover the script, the story and heroes. Answering any question about your company, customers and project shouldn’t be a problem for you. Also remember to be open to suggestions from the contractor. You know your business and clients, a good contractor will suit the best solution for you.

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2. Learn about trends and technologies

It is worth getting to know current trends and technologies. Of course, you will not get much knowledge in a short time, but you will improve the conversation between you and contractor. The contractor will be able to work on the project instead of explaining the basics. It is simply the truth of life that the more you know, the harder it is to deceive you.

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3. Prepare the basics of the project

Remember nobody as well as you know and feel your business. If you expect a proper valuation and professional execution of the order, it is worth you to prepare a specification in which you describe:

4. Do not leave everything for the last minute

A very common mistake make by clients. Probably all of us, is that we leave everything for the last moment and then we want to implement everything immediately. Try to anticipate the need to create the project. And always have Plan B, C, D… in case of not met deadlines, pivots….

5 Tips&Tricks — How to collaborate with Creative Agencies or Software Houses? from Bartosz Wojdon

5. Prepare budget

The written specification of your project should be sent to several potential contractors and a quote. Remember the better the specification, the greater the chance for a more accurate quote. The received cost estimates should help you determine what budget you need to have to complete your project.

If your budget is too small, you should limit the scope of the project. And do so until the valuation of the subsequent versions of the specifications will match the budget. You can also try outsourcing.

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“Chodźże z tym projektem do nas”

For example, in Poland you will find a lot of companies experienced in working with foreign contractors, almost exclusively working on foreign projects. About how to choose “this one” contractor, I will tell you in the next guide. In the meantime, feel free to contact me!

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And as always i wish you to successfully finalize your project!