How to choose best web agency to design & develop website? 

The key question for every person ordering the creating project. I am lucky that I can share my experiences with you as a person ordering and creating projects. I have known the sins of both sides and I’m not afraid of talking about them.

1. Find partners, not contractors what makes a good creative agency

Remember that creating a website is just the beginning of your project. You need to develop it still. Create your own team, and leave bad experiences with previous contractors … in the broom storage. Let them be at your hand, but don’t let them stand out.

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2. Portfolio is not everything, what else makes a good creative agency

The portfolio gives a picture of the experience and quality of the contractor’s services, so it is worth checking out projects. Don’t expect that the contractor’s portfolio will include almost one to one project to the yours.

In case when we want to cooperate with a person who does not have a portfolio based on the technology required by us, the case is not closed. If we are dealing with an experienced person, with a lot of done projects and a wide technology pile, the new language or framework will not be a bigger problem for him. Good habits, quality of work, contact, customer service are universal features that are always and everywhere used.

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Also good thing is to check eligibility of company, we describe how to do it in case of company from EU.

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3. Honest communication is a key, it makes a good digital agency

It may happen that the contractor will not complete your project to the end, or deadlines will not be met. In my opinion, these are not the worst situations. In my opinion the worst situation is that the fackap can be a complete surprise for us, because the contractor has been lying to us about the actual state of the project.

In my relations with clients, as well as my subcontractors, I plumb for honest contact. I encourage you to create such space in the project for bad information and honest communication.

4. You can only choose two options from “cheap, good, or fast”

Personally, I stopped believing in the black and white world. Each cooperation with the client is balancing between these three points. At Codenest, we try to get on “good”, then “fast”, and “cheap” at the end.

If you have high requirements and too tight budget for local agencies you can try to ousource your project, here you can learn more how to do it safe. If you are afraid about problem with timezones differences you can learn more about it here.

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5. Dynamically, but not quickly.

Demand dynamism and regularity. Determine with the contractor a specific start date and regularity of reporting on the status of the project and the results of the work. Enforce these provisions from yourself and your contractor, and be open to reasonable postponements. The dynamism of the contractor’s activity can be assessed after the speed of contact and customer service at the stage of preliminary talks and negotiations.

How to choose best web agency Infographic

How to choose best web agency Infographic

Listen to your intuition and read best creative agency blogs

We could write a lot of advice on how to choose a contractor. Despite their use, we will not avoid unsuccessful cooperation. Sometimes it is impossible to overcome differences in the nature of the contractor and the principal. For all my decisions, I try to listen to the voice of intuition. If red warning lights come on in my head, I try to check the contractor more closely and protect myself from possible problems.

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However, I hope that being honest and sincere in business attracts similar contractors to us. Let’s take good care of relationship with our contractors and it will result in great projects. I wish you wholeheartedly all such successful projects! To achieve this you should learn more about how to prepare good project specification.