How to check foreign company? Eligibility criteria in European Union

Trusting a foreign company to handle the execution of your project never comes without its fair share of challenges. One those challenges has to do with LACK OF TRUST. Clients are a bit skeptical and reluctant when they intend to commit a project to someone, an agency or a company they cannot see.

Hence, have you made up your mind to work with a particular Polish company on a project, but you are not sure if they are up to the task? Or you are only interested on whether they can deliver on their promises? Or are you bothered with the thoughts of whether they truly exist or not?

There are a couple of steps to put such fears behind you and work with the right company that will be capable of handling that project of yours. Here are some of the steps you can take. Learn more about company eligibility criteria.

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Check Company’ Legal Status

It’s best if you can confirm if the company you intend to work with have been fully recognized by the European Commission, should it be a company that is situated within the European hemisphere. Every of the legitimate companies that are situated in Europe are well-known and registered to this commission.

How to verify the eligibility eu company

how to verify the eligibility eu company

So to check a company is vat registered and verify the company’ legal stance with this Commission go to this URL and enter the requested details:

Every company in Poland has three unique set of numbers(company identification numbers) that you can identify them with. They are VAT Id, Regon and KRS, which represents court register number.

How to check the eligibility of polish company

How to check the eligibility of polish company

You can equally check the status of any company in Poland to know if they exist or if they are closed already. You can do that on this website, to help you verify the following information:

Check Company Financial History – Next way to verify company authenticity

Whichever company you have made up your mind to work with, it must be a company that has a positive history with the financial institutions. For instance, you would not want to do business with a company that have spent a considerable part of their existence in the debtors’ register. That doesn’t tell well of any company. So you need to verifythe company authenticity in case of financial status before you commit to their services.

Visit to get this done. On that site, you can find all the information you need to know about your intended company and what the banks are saying about them.

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Quality of Service – Next eligibility criteria

It is only natural for you to hope for the best after you have handed out a particular project to a company for execution. While it is okay for you to get high hopes, sometimes these wishes turn out to be disappointing. Therefore, if you do not want to get disappointed, there are practical tips that can help you ensure that you are working with the right company. Here they are:

Check eligibility of company according to our criteria

It’s essentially important that you check out all of these details if you do not want to end up having a dispute with your preferred company. But if you think it’s a little tasking for you to do all of these, you could trust our company to help you out with your projects, as we are duly recognized by all the necessary institutions both financially and legally. Now you know how to find eligible company so next step is to learn how to collaborate with choosen agency or software house.