How to boost your online business even 4 times? + Free gifts

According to research, a $2.6 billion enormous loss in annual sales can be attributed to low performance website. We know and value how hard you work to earn every cent in your company, so we recommend that you do not allow that hard work go to vain. While 58% of your competitors may be planning to redesign their existing websites this year, how many of them eventually do that? But Your case is different; plenty thanks as this article can easily bring your business to higher levels.

Game-changing insights just for you

Fortunately, this piece has been carefully put together for your reading pleasure. And also it’s not a superhero movie, so expect spoilers, and you would learn a couple of highly useful information

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A Grand Rule: Your website is like your HQ

It is important that you have full control over your website regardless of social media platform, trends, their policies, algorithms and ad prices. Hence, this is what you should do:

Email marketing conversion rate average is ~6%, 3 times more than in social media(1.9%).

Connect social media and website both-sides More about this in the next section…


How you can promote your website with social media boosters….

Entrepreneurs are now becoming aware of the power of social media. it’s an undeniable fact. Your perfect “hustling” website can help you with social media marketing:

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Other stunning ways of boosting your website and automating work 

Try to automate as much as possible, and save money and time on other things which can be done by other people.

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Online success demands more than just a Stylish Website

As a website creator, I have to agree with this. Most of us believe in simple solutions like what you see in high-quality website. If there is something wrong with your business, service, product, business model, it is simply because you lack the strategy. Focus first on these foundations. Your website is just a giant leverage that is sometimes sitting idle, hence, you need something to lift it up.

Latest according to GoodFirms research

Latest according to GoodFirms research

If you don’t have a big budget for a good design or a front-end, you need to:

Complicated design and small budget never produce beneficial results, as the effects are often times counterproductive. That’s why you should know a few exciting facts:

The first impression users have about a website are 94% design-related.

  1. The first impression users have about a website are 94% design-related. – Northumbria and Sheffield Universities
  2. A single bad experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again. – Gomez
  3. 75% of user judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your website’s design. – University of Surrey
  4. Approximately 38% of users who believe that imagery or layout are not appealing may stop visiting the website. – Adobe


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Start sailing today  to your blue ocean

Perhaps, you’ve heard about the blue ocean idea.. Before you start designing and redesigning your website, find an agency that can help you figure out how this schema can apply to your business; in this case we are talking about  website

  1. Set your main goal and secondary goals
  2. Create a strategy on how to achieve these goals
  3. Create a roadmap with small steps. Steps should be measurable. (describe your needs and limitations)
  4. Write down a list of requirements. What you need on the roadmap (project specification)
  5. Prepare yourself (website)
  6. Take a map, gps to measure everything (analytics)
  7. Take a first step and start pushing (promote your website, gain traffic)
  8. Check your position on the road to success. (Use your analytics)
    1. If this is okay, keep going. But do not be afraid to test new solutions. New tires (new section on website)
    2. If it isn’t, then try to find the problem. Replace non-working element un-comfy boots  (contact form) with new pair.
  9. Keep going. Automation can help you to be consistent. Install autopilot in your car, or buy Tesla
  10. Achieve successes and set new ambitious goals


Valuable content is Spectacular Fuel for your online business

You should create content to show people that your business is alive, vibrant, vital by showing your values, product and services features…. can rank higher places in search results for many keywords. You can create based on these micro content shareable via many platforms. You need to have a great blog platform for publishing your content.

Of course, focus on Quality, quantity in modern world is not a value. Every second our world creates an immeasurable amount of content.

When publishing content, you should focus on the needs and goals of your clients. They can work hand in hand and you can measure effectiveness of your content marketing.

How you can effectively use ‘Thank You Economy’ on your website

You probably have read it in a book. It’s a great idea and we need to take advantage of it. In this case how can we implement it in our website to offer value to our customers and show that we care about them:

Influencers can really be helpful if you ask them, So Do Just That!

Influencers, bloggers, vloggers do crossovers to grow their audiences and fanbase. Why you cannot do the same to grow your content base, do networking, and create recommendation network with influencers in your market, or other companies whose services/products are complementary to yours. Of course be smart and here are a few tips on how to do it well:

  1. Share value, not try to sell, or promote your company. Show knowledge and experience, as it will be a long term promotion for you.
  2. One or two mentions about company is enough, but for example you add logo to images with some graphs as source of data.
  3. One no-follow link to the author website. No sales call to action


Create more ads on social media ONLY when your website is Ad-friendly  

Most online businesses need online advertising to get traffic and customers. Often, huge amounts of money are being blown away just see that sites get the recognition that they deserve. However, it’s worth mentioning that websites should learn how to be frugal in their spending when they find themselves in such situations. Here are some ideas on how to improve the site’s situation:

Main steps

  1. Start to measure effectiveness. Set major and minor goals. Record user sessions
  2. Try to find problems in your UX research
  3. Do A/b tests and optimize your website

Your website’s conversion rate could increase by 200 to 400% with a well-designed interface.

Typical problems:

  1. Weak UX/UI design.  Here you can learn more about redesigning your website
    1. Lack of credibility. Check how to improve it
      1. Lack of social proof
      2. Inadequate information about you
      3. Weak design (Once your page loads, users form an opinion in .05 seconds.)
      4. Technical problems
      5. Lack of information about your company and product
    2. UX problems You need to simplify and remove confusing elements. 
      1. Confusing page architecture
        1. Too many decision to make
        2. No clear call to actions
      2. Confusing website architecture
      3. User may be clicking through too many nested forms to access vital information
  2. Irrelevant ads. According to Google prices algorithm you pay extra for that.
    1. Lack of landing pages for specific campaign. Landing pages not relevant to ads
    2. Website offer is not relevant to audience. Ad text is misleading
  3. Technical problems
    1. Mobile visitors from CPC campaigns that visit website which are not mobile-friendly   (62% of companies which designed their website(s) for mobile platforms increased their sales.)
    2. Long loading (47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.)
    3. Front-end bugs. Verify the way the front-end behaves on different browsers
web design mistakes made by SMBs

Most common web design mistakes made by SMBs | Source GoodFirms

No integrated analytics tools, goals, user segments Link to our article  You cannot measure effectiveness and make conclusions and then optimize your website and ads campaigns


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Ready for changes? Find a marketing agency that has successfully grown small businesses in the past and are doing it long term

Perhaps your business is small or medium sized, or maybe you are a solo-entrepreneur, like myself and you must count every $ spent on marketing and measure this $1 effectiveness.  We don’t have big budgets for risky solutions, we need stable and scalable  sales channels and source of leads.

There is a $100 return for every dollar that your company invests in your website’s user experience.

Above, you are able to check price segments according to Clutch research. How you see prices ranges is huge  If you don’t have a big budget, but you need more than local agencies offers,  you can try to outsource your project , thanks to our article, you will learn how this can be safely done. saw an astounding 35% profit increase after updating their homepage design, based on user feedback.

Our tips on how to find the perfect agency (more tips available here) for you:

Make great specifications, invest your time if you don’t have money and describe your business in details. Describe clients segments, personas, find unique value of your company/service/product. Why are these so significant? You can check here

Boost online business course

Now you are only inches away from having a perfect website for a “business hustler”

We prepare the next special gift for You, write to us using this code – YRAWS.  we can do free auditing of your existing website with propositions of what can be improved or fixed.

Our audit, together with our course and article redesign should help to boost your business by providing you with more opportunities. We sincerely hope that together we can gladly achieve the 400% conversion rate growth according to the research that was mentioned in this article.

We, the Codenest team, will be glad to help you with your business. If you have more questions that are linked to the subject on this article, then you can write to us. We will be glad to help out!