Will you able to do a swift migration of a new website?

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Yes, we can and we will do it in an SEO friendly way.

There are many different types of site migration which our clients are interested in and regardless of the reason behind the migration, it’s our priority to make sure it turns out to be a success.

The different types of site migration include:

  • Site location changes– it includes domain change/ rebranding, changing mobile set up, merging different parts of the website, moving from HTTP to HPPTS or HTTP2.
  • Platform changes– which is about the website moving to a new platform, upgrading or introducing new features or integrating different platforms.
  • Content changes– it is about adding, removing or consolidating pages. Furthermore, introducing new pages to the website.
  • Structure changes– it involves navigation and internal linking changes, site hierarchy, and user journey changes.
  • Design and UX changes– its entails UX- driven across all devices, site performance changes.

Even though every site migration is handled different, our main factor is to keep your website SEO friendly. We will do this by ensuring we avoid any migration disasters.

Therefore, our team will put a technical SEO specification plan in progress to ensure a swift migration.

The plan will include taking several processes. First, we will start with a project plan strategy, then do pre-launch testing and finally finish with a performance review.

This will ensure there will not be any unnecessary delays or surprises along the way. Therefore be sure we will migrate and redirect all the old content to the newly developed website as swiftly as we can.