Why are the terms and project specification important?

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The terms and project specifications are important. This is because it provides a clear direction of the website creation. It is usually to both the website developers and the clients.

Therefore, a well-written project specification is an important daily tool. This is because it shows the effectiveness of our development effort. Moreover, it always comes in handy if any disputes arise between us and the client.

So, to avoid any disputes with our clients, this may be because of any arising challenges or changes made.

Here are the terms and project specifications included in our contract:

  1. Our clients should accept if there are any changes made in the initial contract agreement, delay in corresponding or payment. This might affect the set delivery deadline.
  2. When we accept any large or frequent changes in the project process or a long period of testing. This will affect the set deadline for launching.
  3. We will carry out the project according to the client specifications. However, if none is clearly provided, we will implement it our own way. This involves using our basic experience and knowledge to deliver quality work.
  4.  We expect all arrangements regarding the subject of the contract to be included in the specification. However, if we receive any other arrangements made by e-mail, phone calls or in person. Note that, we will not consider it binding.
  5. If we receive any changes made such as graphics or functional concepts. Moreover, any other problems resulting from discrepancies in the initial specification, we shall not be liable for that.
  6. We require the client to provide detailed guidelines and materials at the beginning of the project. This is necessary for the proper implementation of the project.