Where is your office located?

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Our main office is located at Krakow, Poland. However, since we work with different businesses across Poland, we are rarely in the office as we mostly work remotely.

This is because we are mindful of your budget and want to spend as much time working on your project rather than in the office.

Therefore, since we work with different clients all over the country, we mostly find ourselves in different locations, most of the time. That’s why when it comes to our visitors and clients, we usually advise them to contact us first before visiting the office.

There are several ways a visitor or client can contact us. This include

  • Dropping an email
  •  Phone call
  • A message through our website
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsup

With these contact channels, the visitor or client is ensured they avoid losing valuable time. This is in case they come to the office and find us out of the office or busy with other clients or tasks.

Furthermore, when a visitor gets to contact us first, we usually schedule a meeting, that way giving them ample time to prepare for it.

By asking some basic questions during the communication, we will get to know not only about the project but also where the potential client is located.

With this information, we can know if they are flexible enough to visit our office or we can schedule the meeting to another place such as the client’s office or any other convenient place.

A map of Krakow area