When is Codenest not liable?

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With every client that walks through our doors or communicates with us by any other means. Our main purpose is to come to an understanding and provide the best services to them.
However, when we are negotiating with our clients, we are keen on the terms and conditions of the contract signing. This will ensure that we are covered in case of any challenges occurred after the acceptance date.

Therefore, in the terms and conditions agreement, there is a liability clause that enables the client to understand what to expect if anything goes wrong.

This clause explains when we will not be liable for any errors, failures or faults occurred.

This may be due to:

  1. The client introducing new versions of browsers and application software after the date of delivery.
  2. The website experiencing any external attacks such as hacking or introduction of malicious applications after the approval date.
  3. Hosting server and/or persons responsible for the administration of the IT infrastructure on the part of the client.
  4. A script, plugins, systems made by third parties, necessary to develop the website yet the client was aware.
  5. Any other actions by the client after launching the website.

Note that, from the above points, when it comes to website maintenance, we ensure that we install security patches and updates in a timely manner. This is to avoid any unnecessary breach.

Furthermore, whenever any third party is involved in website development. We check both their security and liability measures to ensure the process is a success.