What is your payment deadline?

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The deadline to our payment policy is usually 7 days. Therefore, to avoid your projects being paused at any stage of the development and cause unnecessary delays.  it is essential to cover your milestone payment on time.

However, if you are unable to make payments on time.

Here is what might happen:

  • We can refuse to continue with the project within the set deadline since the delay will have interfered with our work schedule.
  • Our team can refuse to carry out any additional work until full payment is done. This will be because the delay will have affected our work schedule meant for other projects.
  • We can block any access to the project on your part and if we part ways, there will not be any refunds.
  • In extreme cases where there is no payment made in a month and beyond.  We will terminate the contract and still require you to pay the rest of the outstanding amount.

Nonetheless, when you stay true to your word and pay on time. Our dedicated team of professionals will deliver quality work on the agreed deadline. Therefore, this will enable your website to attract more visitors,  stay on top of your competitors and also be able to generate more revenue for your business.

In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to entrust us to monitor your website activities. Also manage the website content, redesigning among other future projects. With all this and much more you can always be able to rely on us as your trustworthy partner.