What is your hourly rate?

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Thanks for asking!

Our hourly price range is usually from $15-50/hr. However, to get the actual price you should contact us and tell us more about your project. This is necessary because the charges depend on different factors.

The different factors include:

  • Type of website development

There are many types of website development.  It might be you need us to create one from scratch or add some updates to an existing one.

  • Client’s requirements

Every client has different requirements on the website project. Therefore, before we give you our actual hourly rate, it is important we know what you require from concerning the project.

  • The number of workers

According to the type of website development, we will be working on; we are likely to charge you by the number of people working on the project.

  • Size of the project

Since we deal with different clients, such as small to medium businesses as well as large companies, the size of the project does will surely vary. Therefore, when we are calculating the price rate, we consider the size of the project per client.

  • Web technologies

There are many latest technologies coming up and since it is essential to keep your website updated. The hourly rate will depend on how many latest technologies you want to be updated.

  • Timeframe 

Every website developed project has its own timeframe and even though we have come to an agreement on the set deadline, some clients may prefer the project to be done a little earlier. Therefore, due to the extra time, we will add some hourly charges.