What is the contractor’s responsibility?

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A contractor is an expert in a particular field and works on a contract basis.  In addition, he is flexible and does not need much supervision or direction.

However, before choosing any contractor that comes your way, it is essential to find one you will not spend a lot of time micro-managing.

Therefore, having a contractor will be good for your company since it saves you money. Furthermore, you will have enough time for other business operations.

So, to know more about the responsibilities of a contractor below is a list of what the Contractor guarantees:

  1. Full functionality of the subject of the contract according to the agreed contract.
  2. Lack of defects and incompleteness in the subject matter of the contract.
  3. Providing information to the client on the progress of the subject of the contract.
  4. Ensures timely implementation of the project.
  5. Provides free and timely removal of defects or errors caused during programming.  This is done within 12 months from the day of accepting the subject of the contract.
  6. Full compatibility of the website with the Firefox, Chrome browser. In the case of other browsers, it guarantees compatibility allowing the use of the subject of the contract.

Note that, before signing any contract, it is essential to read keenly the responsibility of the contractor. This will ensure you are both on the same page when it comes to the project.

When this is done, there will be no delay in the project at hand or any arising disputes concerning what is expected of the contractor.