What is NOT included in a warranty?

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Although our main goal is to deliver excellent website services to our clients, there are some kinds of work we do not include in our warranty coverage. This we do because most of the requests are covered in the initial contract.

Therefore, to educate our clients on more on what we do not cover in a warranty. Here are the general standards of the kind of work we are referring to:

  •  Design Changes

In the discussions period of the project, before we sign any contract, we come to an agreement about the design with the client. At that moment the client can change the design due to our suggestions. However, once we are finished with the project and the client has accepted it. We are obliged to change the design or cover it in a warranty.

  •  Adding New Features

Just as we have mentioned on the above point. In our meetings with the client, one of the things we discuss is the website features. Afterward, after starting the project, we give our clients ample time to request any additional features, they could have missed.

  • Adding New Content

When it comes to the website content, every client contacts us with an idea of what the content will be. However, in the process of creating the website, we do allow the client to request new content to be added. This is to avoid the client to request it after we have finished the project.

  • Teaching WordPress 

Although we do not cover any teaching lessons on  WordPress in our warranty, we do provide guidebooks and webinars.

  • Consulting

This is not covered in the warranty, although, our team is always there for any inquiries from our visitors and clients.

  • Fixings Bugs in External Plugins

We do not extend this service in the warranty cover.