What happens when the Back-end doesn’t meet my requirements?

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As we both know, every business website owner wants his Back- end to function smoothly. This is because all the information like user profiles, uploaded images, media items, comment sections, and blog posts are stored in the database.

That’s why our web developers are keen to make your business website content to constantly change and update in real time.

However, if you do contact and inform us that you’re Back-end does not meet your requirements we are readily available to listen to your concerns.

Nonetheless, before we make any slight adjustments or total changes, we will have to check your case in details.  This will require you to answer some few basic questions. The questions will enable us to learn why you are not satisfied with the Back-end functionality.

The basic questions we will ask include:

  1. Was the back-end based on the technical specification we had earlier agreed on?
  2. Did you consult with us earlier about the problem and the changes you wanted being made?
  3. Did you make any recent changes that interfered with our earlier concept?
  4. For how long have you had access to the back-end?
  5. Did you extend the scope of work in case of back-end?
  6. To what extent did you accept the back-end before contacting us?
  7. At what development stage is the project?

After going through the questions and getting a clear answer, then we will certainly be in a good position to come up with the way forward. This, of course, will determine if we are responsible for your unsatisfaction. IF we are, we will definitely make the Back-end function according to your satisfaction.