What are the stages of website development?

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There are several stages of website development. From gathering information to creating the specified website and finally launching it, every stage is crucial for the project to turn out successfully.

Therefore, to know more about the different processes used when creating a website. Here are the different stages and what they contain.

  1. Project Definition Stage

In this stage, our first step is to gather information from the client. We will have a lot of questions to ask about your business and the reason behind the website development.

  1. Feedback Stage

After having our meeting with the client and giving them our price quote. We expect them to take some time before getting back to us.

When we get the feedback to start the project. We will start implementing the necessary changes and bug fixing process.

Furthermore, we will consult with the client on a regular basis and this will ensure the project process continues to run smoothly.

The main implementing processes include:

  1. UX design – for each unique template + X free rounds of corrections
  2. UI design
    • One homepage and main style + X free rounds of corrections
    • For each unique templates + X free rounds of corrections
  3. Front-end development
  4. Back-end development
  5. Others:
    • Creating and adding image and text content.
    • Installing secure SEO and other optimizing tools.
  6. Providing SEO safety website migration.
  1. Acceptance Stage

In this last stage, we are waiting for the client to approve the website. If it is according to their specifications and there are no changes to be made.  We will go ahead and launch it.