Typical payment plan for website development

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Our main aim is to offer great services while considering the safety of the client. That’s why our method of settlement ensures your money is secure with us.

Furthermore, our payment plan is predictably easy since you pay for visible work effects. Therefore, having a budget split payment schedule will be beneficial for you when addressing the price objections.

In our budget split plan, we usually split the projects into 3 stages which include:

  • Design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

In addition to that, we usually ask for 30 % of the initial payment at the start of each project stage. This enables us to know you are committed to the website being worked on immediately.

Furthermore, we give you ample time to complete the payment since the remaining 70% you will pay after accepting the website meets your specifications.

For an easy understanding of our budget split. Below is a diagram that demonstrates the above explanation.

Codenest payment plan

Codenest payment plan

However, you should know the budget split plan does not include any additional charges. Also, there is no late- payment penalty either.

The additional charges come from:

  •  Changes made in the website development process.
  • Amendments of the initial project.
  • Additional material to the project.

All in all, our payment plan is meant to cater to all your needs.  That’s why we are willing to charge fairly to our clients.

With that in mind, we believe in coming to an understanding of matters concerning the payment while still providing our clients with amazing support and technical services.