On whose servers is the project created?

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Our clients’ projects are mostly developed on our servers. This is because we are keen on security and the well-known development environment.

Hacking and cyber-attacks of websites are becoming a big concern for modern businesses. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to ensure nothing goes wrong when creating a client’s website.

We value our clients’ business confidential information; this is why we make it our main goal to do their entire project on our servers. This is because our clients do not only trust us with their information but also their customer’s confidential information.

With this in mind, we ensure when creating the website, it will be well backed up and security measures are always up to date. This we do by first taking the necessary precautions when copying any file by opening it with a secure network.

We also have multiple levels of security in place. This is to ensure your website will not be hacked or experiences any malfunction due to any malicious software.

What are the security measures we take?

Just as mentioned above, we have several ways we ensure your website is secure, this involves

  • Installing spam software
  • We install security plugins
  • Install up to date firewalls
  • Encryption

Note that, we also have a regular website back in place. This ensures if anything does occur, we will be able to restore whatever is lost. Moreover, if anything gets deleted by accident, instead of having to troubleshoot everything, the site can be restored from the previously saved backup.