Is there a refund if do not like the website design?

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Before we answer that question. It is essential to understand that every website project is important to us. We make it our top- priority to handle each project with extreme care and professionalism. Our main aim is to deliver excellent results as per the contract agreement.

However, despite making sure we design your website to the required specifications. If at the end of it all you are not satisfied with the end result and choose to ask for a refund. Then you should know that, of course, there is a possibility you will get it.

Nevertheless, before we do that.  We will have to check your case and learn why you are unsatisfied with the business website design we created for you.

Therefore, for us to do that, you and our team members will need to have a sit-down and answer some essential questions.

The questions will be:

  • Was the design based on the technical specifications agreed on when signing the contract?
  • Is the design significantly different from our portfolio?
  • Have there been any events from your end that changed our concept?
  • To what extent did you accept the design before changing your mind?
  • At what developing stage is the website design project?

Note that, the answers will enable us to conclude if there will be any refunds made or not. However, if we conclude it was our fault. We are willing to make any necessary changes according to your satisfaction at no extra charges.

In addition, even if we are not at fault, we would be willing to work on a solution to make your website design great.