In what currency do you accept payments?

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Since we had to deal with clients who were not only near our business area or country but also other different parts of the world.  It was essential for us to accept other forms of currency in our payment method.

Therefore to make the right choice, we had to sit down and analyze our clients and where they were mostly located from. This enabled us to come with the ideal payment currencies.

The 3  different currencies we accept for payments include:

  • Polish Zlotys
  • US Dollars
  • Euro

Polish Zlotys

Since our business is located in Poland, our client’s who live in Poland usually pay us through this local currency. This is the best option since no exchange rates are required when using the bank transfer or PayPal payment method.

US Dollars

With the US dollar currency mostly used in international transactions. We had to integrate it as our other currency option since it is reliable and convenient to most of our clients.

In addition, the exchanging rate from US dollars to Polish Zlotys is fast and easy when we receive money from wired bank transfers.

Furthermore, if the client is paying through the PayPal method, the current exchange rate is included in the total cost of the transaction.


With Poland being a member state of the European Union, we choose the Euro as our 3rd currency. Most of our clients come from the surrounding countries. With that in mind, this makes it easy to send money to us through this currency.