If you don’t meet the agreed deadline, can I ask for refund?

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In certain situations, yes you can ask for a refund. However, before we make any decision, we will hold a staff meeting. This meeting will be about discussing why the deadline was not met. Moreover, if you or our team was at fault when it came to the delay.

At the meeting, we will check the refund policy on the signed contract and also ask our team some questions to know what went wrong. The questions may include:

  • In the final contract and terms of cooperation, was there a record of penalties for delay in the implementation of the project?
  • For how long was the project launch delayed?
  • What was the reason for the delay?
  • How did the delay affect your business revenue? By your answer to this question, we will have some follow up questions to dig deep on what really happened. The questions are:
    • Were we informed before the start of the project about taking any responsibility in relation to the implementation of the project?
    •  What extent are the consequences justified and directly related to the website creation process?
  •  Did our team receive any request changes ordered in the middle of the website development or any additional work?
  • Which party was responsible for the delay and when it came to communication, how did this affect the execution time?
  • Were the payments made on time?
  • Did we receive all the materials needed to complete the work on time?
  • Did our team communicate earlier with you about the possibility of a delay and were you okay with it?
  •  Were we at fault in delaying answering any queries you had about the development of the project?