How much time do I have to send feedback?

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After we finish creating your website. You will have 7 days to communicate your feedback to us. Nonetheless, if we do not hear from you. We will automatically accept you were satisfied with our services.

However, before we get to the point of finalizing everything in time. we require to constantly stay in touch with you. This will enable the project to go according to plan and for us to deliver on the agreed deadline.

There are some few information, files and data we require you to share with us before we launch the website.

The requirements include:

  • Full information on how you want the website to turn out?
  • Existing domain, web host and CMS login information.
  • The website assets such as image files, content and logo files.
  • Give your existing domain, web host & CMS login details.
  • Account login details for analytics & webmaster tools.
  • Provide existing usernames and URLs of your social media accounts.

In the process of developing the website, our team may communicate with you regarding unclear issues. By having regular collaboration and feedback. we will be able to make any changes or additional design ideas as per your request.

However, even if we have given you a 7 day period to communicate your feedback. For us to be able to handle any issues you may have with the website. We recommend you get in touch with us within 1 or 2 days.

This will enable us to rectify the problem in time and give your WordPress website the chance to quickly bring in users and increase your revenue.