How much does it cost to make a website?

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This is a hard question to answer because when it comes to website creation; it is a wide topic to cover. However, our average budget per website is $6000 with a minimal budget being $2000.

Nonetheless, we advise you to contact us and tell us more about the project. This will give us the chance to know what you need and get you an actual quote.

However, apart from that, there are a few factors that determine our optimal budget we would like to share with you.

The factors include:

  1. Website design style

There are many different website design styles and all of them come at different prices. The simpler the web design, the lower the price and the more complex the design styles, the more expensive the price will be.

  1. Number of subpages 

Every client has a specific number of subpages to include when creating the business website. Therefore, when calculating the cost of the website, we do consider how many subpages are included in the project.

  1. Project duration

No project is the same as the other. Therefore, when it comes to the duration it takes, we will charge the client according to the timeframe.

  1. Terms of cooperation 

When dealing with clients, in our contract we will consider the client’s cooperation when delivering all the materials required for the project and their quick response to our queries.

  1. Warranty duration cover

Although we have a warranty duration cover of 3 months, some projects warranty does extend. Therefore, when calculating the cost, we do consider the warranty duration cover.

  1. Additional features

After the initial contract agreement, clients do request additional features. Therefore, when calculating the cost of the website, we consider any additional features.