How many days do I have to check the whole website?

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I4 days is our minimal time for you to check the website. However, if the 14 days expire without receiving any feedback from you, we will automatically assume that you are satisfied with the work.

Nonetheless, before moving forward and closing the contract. Here are some few checklists to note about the developed website.

  1. We consider the order to be complete the moment you accept the website. This will be when the project is according to your specifications.
  2. If we have received an order for any additional work within the agreed time. Note that, it will not have affected the initial contract.
  3. Any errors and omissions you come across that were supposed to be in the contract. You are required to report to us within 2 working days by email.
  4. We will do the tests individually.
  5. We expect a request from you to start the tests within 14 days. However, if you fail to do that. We will assume you are satisfied with the website functionality.
  6. If we delay in carrying out the required tests, you should report the matter within 2 working days.
  7. The inability to check one item of the subject included in the contract. This will not affect the testing of other unrelated elements.
  8. If you make any changes such as graphics or functional concepts. Moreover, any other problems resulting from discrepancies in the initial specification. We shall not be liable for that.
  9. We need to finish transferring all the data. This is before allowing you to access the business website.