How long is the warranty?

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Since we want our clients to get the most of their business website, and also to reach its full potential. We provide a 3 months warranty and maintenance policy for the website we create.

Moreover, we are able to extend the warranty when necessary. This warranty is able to cover any errors or omissions by our developers after the website is launched.  However, any code or changes altered by the client or added 3rd party applications used on the website is not covered in the warranty.

So, you may ask what the warranty covers.

  • A quick 24 hours response to your request for support assistance, when properly submitted through our communication channels.
  • We will assist with any reported broken links by the clients.
  • Our team will ensure the website is functioning properly when it comes to images and links.
  • We will assist in any viewing problems reported by the website users.
  • Our team will work on any reported problems with system loading or message errors.
  •  We will provide updates such as adding, editing, removing images or text which was agreed in the contract.

Nonetheless, there are many other aspects the warranty does not cover. This includes

  • We will not agree to support you when any problems or errors arising with or caused by the hosting system. This will only do if we are the main hosting company.
  • Any systems developed by any other agencies
  • If you request us to do any web development task which was not included in the initial agreement.
  • When you request us to redesign your website since this falls under a separate contract.
  • Website marketing, analysis, and reporting user’s traffic.