How is your copyright policy ?

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Our copyright policies are very clear and simple. This is to ensure our clients understand everything before starting the project.

Therefore, the policy details are described as follows:

  1. As the contractor, we are entitled to full copyright to the agreement of the contract. Therefore, we are free from any encumbrances and restrictions on behalf of third parties.
  2. When we agree with our clients upon payment of the remuneration by the Awarding Entity. We shall transfer the proprietary copyrights to the subject of the contract. In addition, the ownership of the media.

After that, the transfer of copyrights will take place in all fields of exploitation mentioned in the 50 of the Act of February 4, 1994, on copyright and related rights. This in particular is:

  • As regards the preservation and reproduction of the project. Production of specific copies of the Work, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital technique;
  • In the scope of trade of the original or copies on which the project work has been recorded. This involves placing on the market, lending or rental of the original or copies.
  • In the span of spreading of the project work in a way other than specified in the above point. This includes public performance, displaying, playing and broadcasting and rebroadcasting in any way, by any technique. This can be through any means of communication, as well as making the work publicly available in such a way that everyone can have access to it in a place and time chosen by us and the client.
  • The transfer of proprietary copyrights to the client is not subject to any time or territorial restrictions.