How can I verify Codenest eligibility?

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We are thankful for asking that question.  In this day and age, there are many businesses that are not eligible. Therefore, we understand it is important for a potential client to ask this question.

So, to answer your question, there are many ways a client can use to verify our eligibility. These factors are;

  1. European Commission Registration Platform

This can be done online by entering a few details. The details include the member state and Vat number. After clicking the verify section, then the registered name and address will appear.

  1. Contact information on our website

This is another way to confirm our legibility. At the end of the website page, we have included our contact information. However, we know that these days, untrustworthy companies are using fake phone numbers and addresses.

Therefore, to check our contact information, you can verify by using the phone number verification tool. In addition, our contact information should be the same in the European commission online site.

  1. Website Activity

Many scam websites don’t have a lot of activities. Since it was created in a hurry, at Codenest, you will be able to check our constant updates, clients’ projects, and reviews.

  1. Payment Method

Every client wants to be assured they are getting their money’s worth. That’s why it’s important to check the method of payment offered by the web developing company.

Therefore, to guarantee the clients of our eligibility, our method of payment is through the bank and PayPal. These two methods are safe for both us and the client.

In addition, for our readers to learn more on a company’s legitimacy, we’ve prepared a special guide, which is available here.