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We have several communication channels you can use to get in touch with us. In addition, these communication channels are quite traditional and well-known by most of our clients.

Nonetheless, we have indicated the three categories of how we prefer you to communicate with us. This is meant to enable our clients to reach us easily and get quick feedback of any question or issue at hand.

Primary channels:

  • E-mail– This is our main communication channel when dealing with your project. It is the ideal channel since we are able to keep in touch with all of our clients without delay.
  • Skype, or any other video-call tool–  We use it to communicate with our local or overseas client during a project. Moreover, we do schedule calls when we need to discuss more complex issues.

However, after the meeting, we ensure to send all the written notes to you by email. This ensures you have all the necessary details for future discussions or concerns.

Secondary channels:

  • Phone calls– Being the 3rd form of our ideal communication channel, we prefer to schedule phone calls.  This is because of the time difference we share with our international clients.

Other channels:

The channels include:

  • LinkedIn,
  • WhatsUp,
  • Facebook

Although we don’t use these communication channels in any project discussions, we do use them to post new information,   check reviews, comments and answer basic questions from our clients.

In addition, we also get to interact with prospective clients and learn more about how to improve our services.