Do you use ready, bought WordPress themes?

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Mostly we don’t create websites based on WordPress themes. This may be bought on either ThemeForest, Envato and, Template monster.

However, we create and use custom themes based on a custom solution or some ready solutions like Advance Custom Fields Pro. This is to give our customer full control on the designed website.

What does the Advanced Custom Fields PRO do?

Known to allow a website owner to include any additional information to the website content, the Advanced Custom Field PRO makes the WordPress website a more powerful content management system.

We use this plugin because it gives our clients total control of the contents without the need to use shortcodes, post-content or even page builders.

It makes WordPress more usable and easy. Therefore,  it is ideal for content editors since it prioritizes improvements which are good for the website use.

There are many benefits our clients get to experience when we use the Advanced Custom Fields PRO. This includes:

  • Tailored-Made Website

When we use the Advanced Custom Fields PRO, we give our clients to chance to have their websites specifically tailored to their business needs.

  • Easily usable Interface

With the Advanced Custom Fields PRO, the client will be able to work easily on the website. Furthermore, when it comes to coding, the client can easily change it via the user interface.

  • Reliable Website

When we use the Advanced Custom Fields PRO to create content types, it helps keep the CMS organized. Moreover, it can also be assigned to templates.

This usually reduces the number of custom types needed to manage the content on the website. Therefore, keeping everything in one easy-to-find place.