Do you use Page Builders?

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In the previous work we have done for our clients, 99% of the projects, we have not used any page builders as the main tool to edit the website.  This is because we have more improved design applications that improve the user’s experience when surfing the website.

The applications are the UX/UI designs and also the Advance Custom Fields PRO, which is not a page builder. These applications make the website we create to be fully editable.

Note that, when we mention Page builders, we mean the following

  • Visual Composer
  • Wp Bakery
  • Beavery Builder
  • Elementor

.UX/IU Designs

UX design refers to user experience design and focuses on how a website works while the UI stands for user interface design and mostly focuses on the look and layout.

Both of these designs are vital in creating a website and usually work together although they have different roles.

Since our main target is for your business website to attract more customers and increase sales. We use UI/UX designs since both play a big role in making this happen.

Advance Custom Fields PRO

Known to allow a website owner to include any additional information to the website content, the Advanced Custom Field PRO makes the WordPress website a more powerful content management system.

We use this plugin because it gives our clients total control of the contents without the need to use shortcodes, post-content or even page builders.

Therefore, it makes WordPress more usable and easy for content editors since its prioritize improvements which are good for the website use.