Do you issue invoices?

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Yes, we do issue invoices in accordance with European and Polish law. The invoice is meant to verify tax and VAT reporting. Furthermore, it clearly states the transaction made between the service provider and the client.

In our invoice, we have included the basic details required by our law. With these details, our clients will be able to have a clear understanding of the services delivered.

Moreover, an invoice is an important part of the business bookkeeping and accounting recordkeeping for our clients.

Therefore, to have a clear understanding of the importance of an invoice, here are the details to look for.

  • Date of issuance: This is important as it ensures our client knows when the payment is due.
  • Name and addresses: This will include our company’s name and physical or email addresses as well as the clients.
  • Contact names: Since we are also dealing with big companies. We usually add the contact name of the person handling the payment beneath the business name. This will ensure the invoice reaches the right person in time.
  • Description of the list of services provides: in this section, we clearly describe the service provided, the rate and subtotal.  in addition, if we have worked on an hourly basis we will include the charges too.
  • Terms of payment: this is where we include the due date of the total amount owed and the agreed time frame for settling the amount.

Note that, we can send the invoice physically to you or if you prefer by email.