Do you do free samples?

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Unfortunately, we do not do it. Being a professional company and being busy all the time, we cannot afford to devote our time to do any free work.

We dedicate our time on our clients and concentrate fully on ensuring the best possible services for them. Moreover, when we are not busy with clients project, we are busy learning new information on web design/development.

This we do by:

  • Checking new information on the internet.
  • Attending web design conferences.
  • Enrolling in online web courses.
  • Checking our competitor’s websites.
  • Listening to our clients’ concerns. This enables us to learn more about what to improve.
  • Holding staff meetings and discussing new ideas.

These learning methods enable us to always be on the top of the game in website services. It also ensures we are able to take any project brought about by new clients.

In addition, as our business grows older, we are assured our portfolio is growing too as we partner with more business people.

However, even if we do not offer any free samples, this does not mean we don’t consider our clients or readers. Therefore, we ensure we update our website with information about website development.

This we are able to share through blog posts. Furthermore, we also share the projects we have previously done. Our clients’ reviews are something we are proud of and share on our website too. This enables our visitors to learn more about our company.

Therefore, if you want to know more about us, check our website Codenest. Co