Do you develop mobile apps?

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At Codenest we don’t develop apps for Android or IOS.  However, in our line of work, we have come across clients who are in need of mobile app services.

Furthermore, most of them may not have a clue about where to start when searching for a mobile app developer. This has led to some asking us for help to search for the right one.

Therefore, since we get the chance to interact with other software service providers, we decided we can be able to assist them.  This is by ensuring they find the best software house that specializes in mobile app development.

How will you do that you may ask?

We will ask some basic questions and know more about the project specifications, your budget among other things. Then we will contact various mobile app developers and introduce them to you.

This will give you the chance to have a sit-down and discuss more on the project. Later on, if everything goes well, you can decide which service provider is best suited for you.

Why do this?

We will do this because we want our clients’ needs to be catered to the fullest, even if we don’t offer those services.  That’s why we will go the extra mile for any client who is in need of a mobile app developer.

Therefore, if you have any question, you can contact us through our communication channels by either dropping an email, phone call, Whatsapp message, or our Facebook page. We are willing to assist you.