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We are open to all styles of design, those we have already mastered and new ones. Our team is always ready to learn and expand their knowledge capabilities.

However, we have several design styles we have used when designing a website. This has been either requested by the client or by our team.

The most popular styles include:

Clean Design Style

This does not mean the website has minimal content or information. However, it is a design that is precise, consistent and appealing.

With keeping the design clean, the website has an advantage of functioning smoothly. This means its success rate is very high.

Therefore for that to happen, we ensure we use white space between images and design contents. We also implement site graphics for attracting website visitors.

Minimal Design

Unlike the clean design style, the minimal design means there are fewer objects, contents, and information.

The basic principle of minimal website design is

  • Lots of empty space
  • No excess details such as textures, shadows or color transitions
  • Not using many colors at once
  • Using bright fonts

When we create a website with minimal style, it will respond quickly as well as load objects faster.

Flat Design

It is usually simple and often grid-based. This means there are no stylistic elements like shadows or gradients.

Gradient and Illustrations Designs

Also known as color transitions, gradients are a gradual blend of one color to another color. When this added to illustrations, it makes the website to look more appealing to users.

Note that, before choosing a design trend there are many factors we consider. However, our main aim is to provide the best design style for your business website. To know more about the designs we have used, kindly check our portfolio.