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Category: Payments Policy

What is your payment deadline? 

The deadline to our payment policy is usually 7 days. Therefore, to avoid your projects being paused at any stage of the development and cause unnecessary delays.  it is essential to cover your milestone payment on time. However, if you are unable to make payments…

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Do you issue invoices? 

Yes, we do issue invoices in accordance with European and Polish law. The invoice is meant to verify tax and VAT reporting. Furthermore, it clearly states the transaction made between the service provider and the client. In our invoice, we have included the basic details required…

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What is your hourly rate? 

Thanks for asking! Our hourly price range is usually from $15-50/hr. However, to get the actual price you should contact us and tell us more about your project. This is necessary because the charges depend on different factors. The different factors include: Type of website development There…

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