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Category: Others

Do you do Google and Facebook ads? 

Unfortunately, we don’t do any of the above. Nonetheless, we do create ad-friendly websites for your business that help you save money on advertisements. Liking is one of the ways you can advertise your products or services. If your website has good content about what…

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Do you develop mobile apps? 

At Codenest we don’t develop apps for Android or IOS.  However, in our line of work, we have come across clients who are in need of mobile app services. Furthermore, most of them may not have a clue about where to start when searching for…

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Do you do SEO? 

No, we don’t do SEO and yes we know it is important for a business website since it increases its traffic. It also helps the website to rank higher in search engine results. However, we still don’t offer this service since we want to focus…

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