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Category: Getting Started

What is your typical technology stack? 

A Technology stack is a combination of software products and programming languages used in creating a web or mobile application. However, in our case, we will be sharing web applications. Therefore, picking the right combination of development tools is essential in the early stages of a…

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Do you do free samples? 

Unfortunately, we do not do it. Being a professional company and being busy all the time, we cannot afford to devote our time to do any free work. We dedicate our time on our clients and concentrate fully on ensuring the best possible services for them….

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What is your hourly rate? 

Thanks for asking! Our hourly price range is usually from $15-50/hr. However, to get the actual price you should contact us and tell us more about your project. This is necessary because the charges depend on different factors. The different factors include: Type of website development There…

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