Can you create a website in 3-4 weeks?

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Yes, we can, since we want to cater to all our clients’ needs. Therefore, we will commit all our time to work on the project. Nonetheless, to be able to deliver in time, we will require you to cooperate with our team.

So, to be able to deliver the project on the agreed time and also according to your requirements.

This is what we will require:

  • All the necessary materials needed for website development to be delivered in time.
  • We will need the client to be available to communicate with us on a daily basis. This will ensure we avoid any delays when waiting for any request to make changes.
  • Minimal requests to change the website content. This is because too many changes will affect the project delivery time. Therefore we advise you to request any changes either 2-3 times during the project process.
  •  Payments to be made without any delay. This will motivate our team to finish the project in the agreed time.

In addition, on our part there some things we need to do so that we finish the project on time.

This involves:

  • Designing and developing the website in a parallel way. This will be after finishing the homepage design; we will start with the front-end development. Later on, during front-end development, we will start with the back-end development.
  • Design complicated non-key graphics before we start with the project. This will enable the project to move smoothly.

Therefore with these requirements being followed, we will be able to finish the project on time while ensuring you become satisfied with the delivered work.