Are you willing to sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

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Mostly we don’t agree to sign an NDA at the beginning of the project. Therefore, we will first have a sit down with you and listen to your ideas about the project.

After that, when we understand what you require from us, we will then come to an agreement. This involves the delivery time and finally the payment plan.

However, although we understand that you are trying to protect your business process or ideas. There are many factors that we consider before signing any abiding contract.

The factors include:

  • Penalties– we need to understand what the contract requires from us in case of any agreement breach. In addition, what are the legal consequences?
  • Restrictions to develop similar projects– since we are likely to get a client who has a similar project as yours. This is because we deal with many different clients. Therefore, to avoid being accused of using your confidential information in a separate project. We are usually keen on understanding the whole document before signing anything.
  • State of cooperation– after we read your contract. We need to know if you are willing to negotiate any clauses we may think needs to be amended or changed.
  • Knowledge about your project– just as we mentioned above, before agreeing to sign anything. We ensure we have in-depth information about the project.
  • Would signing the contract compromise our work value– with our whole team being dedicated to delivering excellent work? We are usually hesitant to sign anything that will compromise our services. This might be to you or other clients.