Challenges and advantages from the timezone difference between the United States and Europe?

There are many dimension of the earth system that seems to always amaze until this very moment, and one of these has always been time zones. Though we may understand what brought about for the difference in the time zones across the world, still it is utterly fascinating to know that while I am in Honolulu Hawaii, rushing to take the earlier morning bus by 7:00 AM, my partner who is in New York is probably planning to take a lunch break.

Advantages from timezones difference in remote web projects between the United States and Poland, Central Europe

Companies from the United States in search of talents from Poland and other “outsourcing” companies

With the ever-increasing demand for talents and professionals all over the world, especially in the United States, and the need to build a network of individuals that can work together across the States effectively.

US companies are now looking to recruit talent from different locations without having them moving away from their site. And for companies that are known for providing effective customer services, this means that employees no longer need to be in the same city before they can work effectively together on the same project. The company will always have someone available should the company be in high demand.

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Also, with the different time zones across the United States, companies can now recruit talents and professionals in those time zones that can quickly provide customer service for clients in their respective time zones. And with the pool of talent from different time zones, there are now diversities of human resources with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and plans.

Comparision common working hours amount between the United States Timezone and typical offshore outsourcing destination countries

Destinations Poland, Central EuropeCentral EuropeIndiaPhilippines
Eastern TImezone - United States1040 (6.30PM - 3.30AM)0 (9PM - 6AM)
Central TImezone - United States1030 (7.30PM - 4.30AM)0 (10PM -7AM)
MountainTImezone - United States1020 (8.30PM - 5.30AM)0 (11PM - 8AM)
PacifivTImezone - United States1010 (9.30PM - 6.30AM)0 (12PM - 9AM)

Common working hours between United States Timezone and Poland Central Europe

If you are from the USA and You are trying to figure out how many working hours can cover outsourcing companies in the WordPress development project, here you can find the answer on our example:

Eastern Timezone  (EST, EDT, ET, UTC-5, GMT-4) and Poland, Central Europe (CEST or CET, GMT+2)

Eastern US Poland Central Europe common working hours between timezones

According to statistical working hours in the US and Poland teams across the ocean, for instance from New York and from Poland can work together 4hrs per day, but in we are prepared for international cooperation so because of that you get 3,4 extra hours and if your working start before 9 am we can get a few hours more. In a result, you can the same or even more support from the Polish company than from local.

Central Timezone  (CST, CDT, CT, UTC-6, GMT-5) and Poland, Central Europe (CEST or CET, GMT+2)

central united states poland common working hours

If your company is located in Central TImezone in the United States and you are planning to start cooperation with and create your next website project. We can offer even 10 working hrs/day. In typical working with Central Europe, you have 3 common working hours, or if you are an early bird you will be able to catch a European company earlier.

Mountain Timezone  (MST, MDT, MT, UTC-7, GMT-6) and Poland, Central Europe (CEST or CET, GMT+2)

Common working hours between poland central europe and mountain timezone in the us

According to statistical working hours in Mountain Timezone in the United States and Central Europe, the total common working hours are 2 hours but in cooperation with we have even 10hts, because of our extended working hours ant because of our US clients usually start work before 9 AM.

Pacific Timezone  (PST, PDT, PT, UTC-8, GMT-7) and Poland, Central Europe (CEST or CET, GMT+2)

Common working hours between Pacific Timezone in usa and poland in central europe

Most of clients are from the Eastern United States. Because of our extended working hours, we can increase tremendously the number of common working hours from 1hr to 10hrs. That;s we can provide successful web development service to our Clients to California, Washington State, or other eastern states.

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Challenges of working in different time zones

As fascinating as the time zone can be and the advantages that come with it in terms of human resources, it can also pose an obstacle to the ease at which teams, companies, and professionals can effectively work together.

For everything that has an advantage, there are or are also disadvantages, and it is the same for having a remote team across different time zones.

Knowing some of the disadvantages ahead of time can help to keep the client or the employee happy and efficient.

There some obstacle time zone can present, and they are mentioned below.

The uniqueness their diversities brought into us companies by remote workers from Poland

These and maybe more are the limitations experienced when you have employees or clients across different time zones. Although there are tremendous advantages when we have clients or workers in different time zones because of the uniqueness their diversities bring into us company, if not correctly managed and channeled, that’s the same diversity that may lead to the pitfall of the company.

Use the right tools to fill the gap in the time difference between USA and Poland, Central Europe

Therefore it is essential to find the proper tool or platform that can help bridge the gap that is between time zones and still helps maintain a balanced relationship with either the clients or the employees.

And we can overcome the time zone barrier by creating platforms or techniques that will engage and connect people. It is vital to give the clients or employees a shared working space to relate, interact, and share information. And one of the best platforms that can create such an atmosphere is a website.

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Different time zones and working statistics of remote work in the United States

By law, time in the United States is divided into nine standard time zones. However, the 50 states are spread across six standard time zones.

Time zones in United states - pacific, mountain, central, eastern

These are Pacific, Central, Mountain, Eastern, Alaska, and Hawaii.

united states territories map

The other three-time zones are used in US territories, and they are the Atlantic Time Zone is followed in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands; the Chamorro Time Zone is developed in Guam, and the Samoa Time Zone is observed in American Samoa.

Working hours in the United States are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The regular working hours in the United States are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every working day, with a thirty-minute lunch break.

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The average working hours in a week is 40 hours, still many Americans end up working for longer hours. But recently there is a steady rise in Americans working from home.

In 5 years percentage of remote workers grew from 3.4% to 44%.

According to recently released data from the US Census in 2020 (before the arrival of COVID-19), there were already 7 million people working remotely in the U.S, or 3.4 percent of the population.

And over the last five years, the number of people working remotely has grown by 44 percent.

The world after Covid-19 epidemic Tremendous growth of remote workers

The rise has been aided by improved internet connectivity and the demand for more flexible work environments. A report that is based on polls found out that remotely working options help companies retain their employees. Also, the evidence suggests that remote working may also improve employee productivity.

How to bridge the timezones across the United States

In other to bridge the time differences across a region, the website has always been a fundamental tool that creates a safe space for effective communication and the dispersing of information from companies to either clients or employees. Therefore an efficient, attractive, and easy to use website is always in demand.

With the ever-increasing demand for talents across the United States of America, this, in turn, has led to a fast increase in the number of remote workers across different time zones. And considering the high demand for websites, coupled with the complexity involved in creating one, there was a need to develop a way to efficiently develop websites without going through the rigorous writing of code.

The most common problem in countries with internal timezones is that people forget about them during scheduling meetings. if you will be late for an hour, because of that, you can lose your client sometimes.

To avoid this problem and others, check our tips:

The difference in the timezones is no more a Barrier

One of the significant factors that affect business transactions across different regions is the factor of a time zone. But with the intervention of websites developer and the easy to use features in WordPress, there is now a common language and a standard time zone.