7 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme

To new WordPress users as well as seasonal ones, choosing the right theme may feel tiresome. This is because of the numerous free or premium themes to choose from. Apart from that, you may find yourself anxious since you don’t want to end up with poor quality.

To help you avoid that, we have compiled a list of the essential factors to consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

1. What’s The Purpose of Your Website?

Every business owner has a different goal in mind when it comes to their website. Therefore, before choosing a theme, you need to ask yourself the main purpose of creating a website.

If you decide its purpose has a blog, you require a theme with better readability and appealing typography. For an e-commerce website, the theme must be able to make buying the products easier.

2. Loading Capability

Even if you have the most attractive website, if it loads slowly, then you don’t have visitors.  If this happens, your conversion rate will decrease hence affecting your business.

To avoid this, ensure you take your time while choosing a theme since your website traffic depends on it.

3. The Layout

Before installing a theme, make sure its layout is clean. If it happens not to be clean, you should be able to disable the features you do not need.

Nonetheless, keep in mind a good theme is supposed only to have relevant elements. So try to focus on the simple themes rather than the complicated ones.

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4. Responsive Design

Responsive website design has become mandatory in today’s world. This is because mobile users are increasing by the minute.  That’s why it is essential to have a theme that will enable your website to accommodate both desktop users and phone users.

5. Navigation

Every person that visits your website expects to navigate every page easily. Therefore, make sure the theme you install does not slow your navigation system. This will ensure you do not lose potential customers.

6. Easy Customization

The purpose of a theme is to be able to customize a website with ease and save time. Therefore when purchasing one, make sure it does just that.

Note that the best themes are easy, but they come with detailed guidelines to assist you with the installation and management.

7. Automatic Updates

The theme you choose should automatically update with new core updates of WordPress. This is essential since, with the rise of WordPress websites, hackers are usually targeting them.


Therefore, make sure you have the right security measures in place, especially if you have installed a free theme. This is because some of them aren’t launching updates straight after a new WordPress update is out.

Before installing a free or purchasing a premium theme, take into consideration the above factors. This will enable you to make the right choice as you move forward. Secondly, before making the final decision on which theme to use, test it first to make sure it works on your website.